Six Guns Mobile Erfolge Leitfaden

Six-Guns Erfolge – Achievements

Gratis Spiel für Android und iOS.
512 MB

  • Western 101

    Complete the tutorial mission.
  • Straight to Hell

    Kill one demon of each type.
  • Top of the Food Chain

    Kill one animal of each kind.
  • Natural Born Killer

    Kill 500 enemies.
  • Angel of Death

    Kill 1,000 enemies.
  • Genocide

    Kill 10,000 enemies
  • Demon Hunter I

    Reach level 15.
  • Demon Hunter II

    Reach level 25.
  • Demon Hunter III

    Reach level 40.
  • Demon Hunter IV

    Reach level 50.
  • 100% Completion

    Complete all quests from beginning to end.
  • Legendary Gunslinger

    Win 25 matches in Multiplayer mode.
  • Too Hardcore to Live

    Kill your own horse.
  • Gold! More Gold!

    Obtain 50,000 coins.
  • Lone Ranger

    Visit Oregon.
  • Death Is Not the End

    Die once.
  • The Bigger They Are…

    Kill a Giant Werewolf.
  • Homeless

    Use all the Road Signs in the game.
  • What’s Inside the Box?

    Open 200 chests.
  • My Lucky Day

    Try your luck with the Lottery