Shadowrun: Hong Kong – Steam Errungenschaften


In „Shadowrun: Hong Kong“ gibt es insgesamt 44 Erfolge die ihr freischalten könnt. Wir zeigen euch alle Errungenschaften und deren Bedingungen.

Weitere Guides und Trainer zum Spiel findet ihr hier.


  • (Don’t) Conserve Ammo
    Kill 15 enemies using a full-auto rifle or minigun.
  • Bagged and Tagged
    Zip-tie 3 enemies with Duncan’s Subdue ability.
  • Boom
    Hit four or more enemies with an area of effect attack.
  • Built for the Streets
    Have every cyberware slot filled by an enhancement.
  • By the Book?
    Kill Gaichu in the Whampoa Gardens.
  • Calling the Shots
    Use the Mark Target Ability on 10 enemies.
  • Chunky Salsa
    Kill 5 enemies with grenades.
  • Clear!
    Stun 5 enemies with the Shock Glove or Shock Hand.
  • Come Forth
    Summon 5 spirits from places in the environment.
  • God Puncher
    Punch the final boss.
  • Good Fortune
    Coerce Qian Ya into leaving this plane of existence.
  • Hot Potato
    Throw back three grenades with the Shiawase Loader Arm.
  • I Don’t Have a Problem
    Use 5 „combat stims.“
  • I Don’t Get Paid Enough for This
    Get the last of the Tsang guards to let you pass after rescuing Raymond from Prosperity Tower.
  • I Feel Great!
    Heal more than 30 damage in a single cast of Heal Wound.
  • It’s Just One City
    Make a deal with Qian Ya, the Queen With a Thousand Teeth.
  • Just a Pawn
    Spared the Plastic-Faced Man.
  • Just in Case
    Get all pips while hacking a Blocker IC.
  • Law Breaker
  • Lessons Learned
    Complete Gobbet’s storyline.
  • Little Helpers
    Use drones to kill 15 enemies.
  • Making Amends
    Watch Raymond Black sacrifice himself to shut down the Fortune Engine.
  • Memory Lane
    Complete Is0bel’s storyline.
  • Monster Squad
    Have Gaichu and Ku Feng on your team during the final mission.
  • More Bullets, More Effective
    Use Spray & Pray to hit more than two enemies with an SMG.
  • No Mercy
    Killed the Plastic-Faced Man.
  • No Stone Unturned
    Hit all data stores and the core system nodes in Prosperity Tower.
  • Pays For Itself
    Skip 10 reloads with the Auto-Loader Cyber-Arm.
  • Pinball Wizard
    Hit three or more enemies with a bouncing magic spell.
  • Posthuman
  • Punching Deck
    Steal paydata from a high security system.
  • Pyrrhic Victory
  • Ronin
    Get Gaichu to join your crew.
  • Screw the Job
    Kill one of Strangler Bao’s Yellow Lotus in the Walled City
  • Seven Times a Ronin
    Complete Gaichu’s storyline.
  • Shoot Straight
    Successfully attack an enemy with a chance of less than 30% to hit.
  • Tastes Like Chicken
    Drink some of the blood in Exit Stage Left, and eat some human flesh in Grendel.
  • They’re Not Worth It
    Complete „City of Darkness“ without any Yellow Lotus dying.
  • Wait For It…
    Kill an enemy with damage over time.
  • Walking Weapon
    Kill 10 enemies with Cyber-Weapons.
  • Welcome to the Shadows
    Die on the first mission.
  • Welcome to the Sixth World
    Kill 20 enemies with magic spells.
  • Wouldn’t Want to be That Guy
  • Wrong Order
    Poison The Talon’s food in Shangri-La.