Secrets and Treasure: Erfolge Achievements Leitfaden

Hier findet ihr alle Erfolge zu dem Windows Phone Spiel Secrets and Treasure: The Lost Cities. Insgesamt gibt es 8 Erfolge mit zusammen 90 Punkten


  • Pyramid Schemes 20
    Complete your 4th Map!
  • City in the sands! 20
    Discover the Lost City in Location 2.
  • Lost and Found 10
    Complete your 2nd Map!
  • We Call This „Archaeology“… 10
    Collect 50 Keys!
  • Frequent Flier 10
    Enter a Daily Bonus with 5 shots saved up.
  • All in a days work 10
    Collect 4 or more prizes in a single Daily Bonus.
  • ‚X‘ Marks the Spot! 5
    Discover your 1st Map Piece.
  • Medals for Everyone! 5
    Upgrade a crew member for the first time.