Savage Lands – Steam Errungenschaften Leitfaden


In Savage Lands sind bisher 20 Erfolge bekannt, in unserem Leitfaden findet ihr alle Erfolge und deren Bedingungen. Die Komplettlösung und Trainer zum Spiel findet ihr hier.


  • 4 Walls And A Roof
    Build a Wooden Shack.
  • A Wolf’s Bane
    Craft Wolfsbane Sword.
  • Brittle Bones
    Kill 5 Skeletons.
  • Canine Conundrum
    Kill 5 Wolves.
  • Clobbering Time
    Craft your first weapon.
  • Die Hard the Hunter
    Kill 25 creatures.
  • Entering the Unknown
    Join any Hostile or Friendly Server.
  • FIRE!
    Build you first campfire.
  • First Blood
    Kill 1 creature.
  • Guardian of the Isle
    Kill 1 Forest Giant.
  • Lumberjack That!
    Chop down 10 trees.
  • Master Craftsman
    Build a Blacksmith.
  • Oh Deer!
    Kill 5 Deer
  • Plagued By Wolves
    Kill 3 Plague Wolves.
  • Prospector
    Mine 25 items from any rock.
  • Task Master
    Complete all Day 1 Tasks.
  • The Basics
    Build a Leanto.
  • They Only Come out at Night
    Kill 10 Undead Furies.
  • Which Way Is North?
    Craft a compass.
  • Who Runs Barter Town?
    Build a Town Hall.