Saints Row: Gat out of Hell – Erfolge Achievements Leitfaden

Alle Xbox Erfolge im Überblick

Insgesamt könnt ihr 45 Erfolge in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell freispielen und 1.000 Punkte holen.


200 Punkte

  • …Double-Hockey-Sticks
    Conquered all of New Hades with 100% City Take Over

50 Punkte

  • The King of Hell
    Completed ALL of the Challenges
  • Satan Punchers
    Beat the game
  • The Seven Deadly Weapons
    Killed 25 Demons with each of the Seven Deadly Weapons
  • Fell from Heaven
    Purchased 113 Supernatural Power Upgrades
  • The Book of More, Man
    Found 64 Tomes
  • Fly, You Fools
    Flew for 250,000 meters

20 Punkte

  • Soul in One
    Found 100 Soul Clusters
  • Double Trouble
    Played Saints Row: Gat out of Hell Co-op for 3 hours
  • Soul Drain
    Found 100% of all Soul Clusters
  • Seraphim and Cherubim
    Played for at least 2 hours as Gat and 2 hours as Kinzie
  • Epic Flight Quest
    Flew from the roof of Snowball’s Chance to Sinterpol HQ’s roof, without landing
  • Hazardous Dukes
    Killed 25 Arch Dukes
  • H-E…
    Completed all open world gameplay in two districts of the city of New Hades
  • Put Up Your Dukes
    Killed an Arch Duke with a melee attack
  • Plague of Gat
    Killed 1000 Demons with any combination of Supernatural Powers
  • …My Dear Watson
    Chose a new element for all of your Supernatural Powers
  • The Devil’s Dues
    Upgraded one weapon to the max
  • Twenty-Twenty Vision
    Spent over 20 hours in Hell

10 Punkte