Roundabout – Erfolge Achievements Leitfaden Xbox

Erfolge Liste zum Spiel

In Roundabout könnt ihr 40 Erfolge freispielen, insgesamt erhaltet ihr dafür 1.000 Punkte. Alle Erfolge und deren Bedingungen zeigen wir euch in unserem Leitfaden./p>

79 Punkte

  • It’s Tuesday!
    Stood still for a minute of silence at The Memorial

51 Punkte

  • Smoke & Mirrors
    Drove the entire „classic“ length of Desert Limo without crashing

50 Punkte

  • What a Fool Believes
    Reached 100% completion for the entire game
  • Tijuana Taxi
    Drove straight for Beth
  • Still the One
    Collected every star in every ride

25 Punkte

  • I’ve Made a Huge Mistake
    Made a huge mistake
  • Wheels of Steel
    Completed an eSports Speedrun without exploding
  • Keep on Truckin‘
    Unlocked the Traffic Coner
  • Cold as Ice
    Unlocked the Multiplier Freezer
  • Feels So Good
    Reached 100% completion on a mission
  • The Horn Proclaimers
    Honked your horn 500 times, then honked your horn 500 more
  • Better Than Mama
    Got a better eSports Speedrun Time than the No Goblin team
  • Gonna Fly Now
    Accomplished every Sick Jump
  • For the Love of Money
    Collected every Cash Stash
  • Ring My Bell
    Unlocked the Pickup Finder
  • 25 or 6 to 4
    Reached a 35x multiplier
  • Play That Funky Music
    Unlocked the Beary Nice Music Box
  • Low Rider
    Discovered all of the horns
  • I Will Survive
    Survived the Mountain Fair Demolition Derby without exploding
  • Possession Obsession
    Purchased every hat and paint job
  • You Spin Me Right Round
    Followed a lady into the big smoke
  • I’ve Covered Wars, You Know
    Revolved over 53,596 times
  • Rubberband Man
    Unlocked the Reverser Wheel
  • True Maximilian
    Purchased every property

20 Punkte

  • Assistant Professor
    In „The Great Hunt“, found 6 regions
  • Disco Inferno
    In „Destruction Derby“, took out 8 cars
  • Pope on the Ropes
    In „Farming Simulator 1977“, completed your farming in under 40 seconds
  • Angry Eyes
    In „Limocide“, took out 50 pedestrians
  • Sweet Freedom
    In „Run Like Crazy“, got 150 yards away
  • Straight to the Pool Room
    In „Ball Bouncers“, bounced the ball at least 12 times
  • Star Power
    Collected every star in a single ride
  • Fire and Rain
    In „Death from Above“, survived for 30 seconds

10 Punkte

  • Welcome to eSports
    Completed your first eSports Speedrun Challenge
  • Feels Like the First Time
    Purchased something from The Chrome Dome
  • Hotel Roundabout
    Purchased some property
  • That’s Where The Happy People Go
    Viewed the „How’s Your Driving“ screen outside of the DMV ride. Useful, isn’t it?
  • Fly Like an Eagle
    Purchased a pet eagle
  • Baby on Board
    Aggressively warned a dozen pedestrians with the Traffic Coner
  • Baby Come Back
    Died 360 times
  • (Love Is) Thicker Than Water
    Unlocked the Inflatiboat For Cars