Red Dead Online Patch Notes 1.09 – Neues Update verfügbar

rdr2 online patch 1.09

Rockstar hat Update 1.09 zu „Red Dead Redemption 2“ veröffentlicht, Patch 1.09 steht ab sofort zum Download bereit.

RDR2 Client Patch 1.09 ist 3 GB Groß.

Das heutige Update von Red Dead Online bringt eine Vielzahl neuer Inhalte mit sich, darunter neue kooperative Story-Missionen, Free Roam-Aktivitäten, Poker und eine Reihe von Updates und Verbesserungen, die die grundlegende Welt des Red Dead Online-Erlebnisses stärken und stabilisieren.


Red Dead Online Patch Notes 1.09 vom 14. Mai

Es gibt keine Detaillierten Patch Notes, nur eine Liste mit Neuheiten und bestimmten Anpassungen.

  • New Co-Op Missions: “A Land of Opportunities” questline helps honorable players track down the murderer of Mrs. LeClerc’s husband. Outlaws perform a high-stakes theft in Saint Denis with Samson Finch.
  • From Roam Missions: More added to Bayou Nwa and the Aberdeen Pig Farm.
  • Posse Versus Challenges: Competitive fishing added alongside contests for bird shooting and herb picking.
  • Dynamic Events: Interact with travelers in the open world to get XP.
  • Poker: Available in Blackwater, Saint Denis, Tumbleweed, Valentine and Flatneck Station for private and public matches of up to six players each.
  • Overrun Showdown Mode: Claim the most land from your enemy to win.
  • Store Update: LeMat Revolver, ponchos, patterned bandanas and new emotes.
  • Play Styles
    • Offensive: Enabled by default. Allows for traditional PvP interaction with other players.
    • Defensive: Indicated by a shield icon. These players don’t want to be attacked and take less PvP damage and can’t be lassoed, meleed, executed or targeted with auto-aim. PvP Free Roam Missions are invisible to them.
  • Hostility: Hostility won’t increase for defending against an attack. Attacking players will also only be marked as a threat to the attacked player instead of everyone.
  • Balance
    • Removed auto-aim headshot tracking for enemy players only to make shooting more nuanced.
    • Faster weapon swaps and projectile throws.
    • New layout puts sprint at R1 and crouch to X.
    • Daily Challenges: PvP-related challenges removed from Free Roam with new Challenges, Rewards and Challenge Streaks.
    • Press Charges: Option increases an enemy’s Hostility and Bounty when a low-Hostility player is killed without retaliation.
    • Horses can be set as defaults for specific types of events.
    • Increased Gold payouts.


Eine Übersicht aller neuen Inhalte findet ihr auf der offiziellen Seite von Rockstar, gleich hier.