Painkiller: Hell & Damnation DLCs – Leitfaden für alle PS3 Trophäen

Alle DLC Trophäen (Trophies)


DLC: Medieval Horror

  • Psycho Killer 50
    Win deathmatch game on Psycho
  • Illumination 50
    Win survival game on Illuminati

DLC: The Clock Strikes Meat Night

  • One Bridge Too Close 50
    Kill all enemies on Bridge map (solo campaign)
  • Leper Mess 50
    Finish Town map (solo campaign)

DLC: Full Metal Rocket

  • Flag or Frag 50
    Win capture the flag game on Meatless

DLC: Operation Zombie Bunker

  • Treasures of War 50
    Find all secrets on Bunker map(solo campaign)
  • Dr. Fragenstein 50
    Win deathmatch game on Fragenstein