Octodad: Dadliest Catch – Trophäen Leitfaden

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Trophäen (Trophie) Guide

Hier findet ihr alle Trophäen zu Dadliest Catch, in Englischer Fassung.


  • Amazonian Antagonist
    In the jungle, you survive by any means necessary. Even cheating.
  • Around the World in Several Seconds
    Complete the World of Kelp globe game in less than 30 seconds.
  • Au Naturel
  • Band of Blubbers
    Rescue five of your brethren from an awful fate.
  • Be the Controller
    Connect and play using a game controller.
  • Cod of Duty
    The fishslap is the ultimate insult.
  • Dadliest Wardrobe
    Collect all ties in the game.
  • Dancing in the Dark
    Complete the Deep Sea dance challenge without missing a step.
  • Domino Dynamo
    They were just lined up so perfectly…
  • Dunk Tank
    Come on and slam and welcome to the Amazon.
  • Everybody Loves Joe
    Make the rounds as the aquarium’s resident socialite shark.
  • Head Otter
    Wear the sea otter head.
  • Independent Woman
    Scarlet plugs all of the cafeteria fountain spouts without your help.
  • No Cutsies
    We have rules for a reason.
  • Number 1 Dad
    Beat the game without dying.
  • Number 100 Dad
    Die more than 100 times in a playthrough.
  • Oh Captain, My Captain
    Visit with several of your crewmen while dressed as the captain.
  • Person-al Shopper
    Help all of the shoppers fill their carts.
  • Poor Workplace Etiquette
    Go the extra mile in ruining the break room (and Joe’s reputation).
  • Secret Shopper
    Get the Sports Johnson cereal before the lady puts it in her cart.
  • Secrets of the Deep
    Reveal the pride of the aquarium’s jellyfish collection.
  • Silent But Dadly
    Sneak past the biologist in the mens room before creating a diversion in the break room.
  • Smokey the Dad
    Only you can prevent kitchen fires.
  • Stairs with Attitude
    Climb the escalators in less than 30 seconds.
  • Stay True to Yourself
    Sneak to the cafeteria without the use of a disguise.
  • The Best Man
    Get married with the best man on the altar.
  • The Hero they Deserve
    Manage to rescue more than 15 kelp in the World of Kelp otter game.
  • The Secret Gardener
    Orange no-thumbs are the new green thumbs.
  • Trickshot-gun wedding
    Throw the ring onto Scarlet’s finger from a distance.
  • Trim Your Moustache
    Get sucked into the riding mower.
  • Unacceptable Purchase!
    You’re the Earl of Lemondad.
  • World’s Best Dad
    Beat the game.