Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge – Trophäen Leitfaden und Erfolge

Ninja Giaden 3: Trophies und Archievements List


  • Master of the Secret Arts
    Obtained all trophies


  • Master Ninja
    Cleared the game on Master Ninja difficulty
  • Ultimate Ninja
    Cleared the game on Ultimate Ninja difficulty
  • Ultimate
    Cleared 3 Ultimate Ninja Trials


  • Mentor
    Cleared the game on Hard difficulty
  • Crystal Skull
    Cleared all Tests of Valor
  • Golden Scarab
    Obtained all Golden Scarabs
  • You Got Skills
    Unlocked all Ninja Skills for Hayabusa, Ayane, Momiji, Kasumi, and Unknown Ninja
  • Overlord
    Cleared 5 Master Ninja Trials


  • Falcon Dive
    Successfully mastered the Falcon Dive technique
  • Sliding
    Successfully mastered the Sliding technique
  • Flying Bird Flip
    Successfully mastered the Flying Bird Flip technique
  • Kunai Climb
    Successfully mastered the Kunai Climb technique
  • Wall Run
    Successfully mastered the Wall Run technique
  • Izuna Drop
    Successfully mastered the Izuna Drop technique
  • Obliteration Technique
    Successfully mastered the Obliteration Technique
  • Ultimate Technique
    Successfully mastered the Ultimate Technique
  • Ninpo Master
    Successfully mastered a Ninpo spell
  • Steel on Bone
    Successfully mastered the Steel on Bone technique
  • Steel on Steel
    Destroyed the Spider Tank
  • The Grip of Murder
    Finished Day 1
  • Bumpy Ride
    Finished Day 2
  • Cooperation
    Finished Day 2 – Ayane
  • Antediluvian Slumber
    Finished Day 3
  • The Great Escape
    Finished Day 4
  • The Karma of a Shinobi
    Finished Day 5
  • Waiting
    Finished Day 6
  • On Your Own
    Finished Day 6 – Ayane
  • Advent of the Goddess
    Finished Day 7
  • Shinobi
    Cleared the game on Normal difficulty
  • Bloody Rage
    Reached the maximum karma multiplier during Bloody Rage
  • Feat of a Hundred Slashes
    Achieved a 100-hit combo
  • Katana Master
    Defeated 1,000 enemies with the Katana
  • Dual Sword Master
    Defeated 1,000 enemies with Dual Swords
  • Falcon’s Talons Master
    Defeated 1,000 enemies with the Falcon’s Talons
  • Lunar Staff Master
    Defeated 1,000 enemies with the Lunar Staff
  • Kusari-gama Master
    Defeated 1,000 enemies with the Kusari-gama
  • Eclipse Scythe Master
    Defeated 1,000 enemies with the Eclipse Scythe
  • Fuma Kodachi Master
    Defeated 1,000 enemies with the Fuma Kodachi
  • Heavenly Dragon Master
    Defeated 1,000 enemies with the Heavenly Dragon
  • Shrouded Moon Master
    Defeated 1,000 enemies with the Shrouded Moon
  • Kunoichi
    Cleared all chapters with Ayane, Momiji and Kasumi
  • Hayabusa Style Grand Master
    Reached Level 50
  • Lone Ninja
    Cleared 10 Solo Trials
  • Dark Savior
    Saved an ally
  • I Got Your Back
    Completed a -Co-Op Ninja Trial
  • Initiate
    Cleared 10 Acolyte Trials
  • Veteran
    Cleared 10 Mentor Trials
  • Prestige
    Cleared 5 Leader Trials
  • Initiation
    Played a Clan Battle
  • Teamwork
    Won a Clan Battle