Nerdist – Xbox Erfolge Achievements



  • Now Entering Nerdist
    You started up the official Nerdist app for the first time.
  • Ultra Deluxe Monster Burrito
    You either have an appetite for destruction or great taste; you watched 50 videos!
  • Century Cat
    You watched 100 Nerdist videos, you are officially the coolest cat on the internet.
  • Pi
    Don’t be so irrational, you watched 3 hours and 14 minutes of video, but in truth it’s never-ending.
  • Too Much Time on My Hands
    You watched 20 episodes of a Nerdist show!
  • Super Burrito
    You really seem to be enjoying that burrito, you watched 25 videos!
  • Worst. Reference. Ever.
    Good work, you watched 10 Pop Culture videos.
    You laughed so hard watching 10 Comedy videos.
  • Audio Watcher
    You came, you saw, you watched 10 Podcasts.
  • Pin Pals
    Way to pick up that spare by watching 15 episodes of All Star Celebrity Bowling.
  • 1337
    Whoa, you watched 1,337 minutes of content.
  • Baby’s First Burrito
    You watched 1 Nerdist video, now watch more!
  • This Just In
    This just in: you’re rad for watching 20 episodes of Nerdist News!
  • Ferris Bueller, You’re My Hero
    You favorited a Nerdist video, you deserve a day off.
  • Gotta Watch ‚Em All
    You did it, you watched all the Nerdist editorial shows.
  • Pinball Wizard!
    New high score – you watched 10 gaming videos!