Mugen Souls Z: Trophäen (Trophies) Leitfaden – PS3

Platin Trophäe

  • The Undisputed God…Is You!
    You obtained every last trophy! Truly YOU are the undisputed god of this game!

Gold Trophäen

  • Sing It Again
    You conquered Mugen World Redux.
  • That’s Absurd!
    You cleared a specific Ultimate Absurdity World.
  • The Ultimate Undisputed Descends!
    You achieved an „Intergalactic Chou-Chou“ sized Ultimate Soul.

Silber Trophäen

  • Ultimate Riches!
    You exceeded 999,999,999 gold.
  • Ultimate Seeker of Truth!
    You exceeded 999,999,999 Mugen Points.
  • Moe God
    Your Charm level exceeded 50%.
  • Mugen Master
    You cleared 100 floors while betting 9,999,999 points.
  • Seven Brings You Heaven
    You conquered 7 World Redux.
  • Master Syrma
    You obtained every type of shampuru.

Bronze Trophäen

  • Conquer Them All!
    You started a new game.
  • Rose World Master
    You cleared Rose World.
  • Scarlet World Master
    You cleared Scarlet World.
  • White World Master
    You cleared White World.
  • Silver World Master
    You cleared Silver World.
  • Crimson World Master
    You cleared Crimson World.
  • Violet World Master
    You cleared Violet World.
  • Ebon World Master
    You cleared Ebon World.
  • Gray World Master
    You cleared Gray World.
  • Amethyst World Master
    You cleared Amethyst World.
  • Jade World Master
    You cleared Jade World.
  • Sapphire World Master
    You cleared Sapphire World.
  • Ivory World Master
    You cleared Ivory World.
  • Devourer of Worlds
    You absorbed all the star energy from the twelve worlds.
  • Clearer of Games
    You cleared the game one time.
  • All Must End
    You saw the true ending.
  • Take That, Moon God!
    You defeated the Moon God.
  • 50 Floors Deep
    You made it to the 50th floor of the Mugen Field.
  • 100 Floors Deep
    You made it to the 100th floor of the Mugen Field.
  • Shampuru Collector
    You obtained 20 types of shampuru.
  • Shampuru Fanatic
    You obtained 50 types of shampuru.
  • G-Part Enthusiast
    You obtained every single G-Part.
  • 100,000 and Counting!
    You dealt 100,000 points of damage at once.
  • 1,000,000 and Counting!
    You dealt 1,000,000 points of damage at once.
  • 10,000,000 and Counting!
    You dealt 10,000,000 points of damage at once.
  • 100,000,000 and Counting!
    You dealt 100,000,000 points of damage at once.
  • All Tied Up
    You achieved victory with all possible command seals active.
  • Captivation Elation
    You successfully used Captivate in battle.
  • Nice Combo!
    Your maximum combo exceeded 100 hits.
  • Killer Combo!
    Your maximum combo exceeded 999 hits.
  • Let the Games Begin
    You activated Damage Carnival for the first time.
  • Festival of Pain
    You activated Damage Carnival with everything unlocked.
  • Here We Go! Fever Time!
    You activated Fever Mode.
  • Level Up!
    You reached level 999.
  • Level WAY Up!
    You reached level 9,999.
  • Blasting Off Again
    You used Blast Off.
  • To the Edges of the Universe!
    You used Blast Off at maximum power.
  • I Challenge You!
    You completed your first challenge in Challenge World.
  • A Decent Challenge…
    You completed all challenges in Challenge World.
  • Job Master
    You unlocked every single job.