Monstrum – Der neue Steam Early Access Trailer

Das neue Horror-Spiel Monstrum – Steam Early Access Trailer

Team Junkfish kündigte Monstrum bereits vor einem Jahr an. An dem Horror-Spiel wird derzeit immer noch gearbeitet aber über Steam Early Access ist es in den nächsten Tagen erhältlich. Der Preis für die noch nicht fertiggestellte Version wird bei rund 10 Euro liegen. Im zweiten Quartal 2015 soll die Finale Version von Monstrum erscheinen.

Hier ein Auszug der Game Features:

  • Multiple Pursuers – Three different monster types, each with different behaviours and tactics means you’ll need to find out what you’re up against before deciding on your plan. Will you be able to work your way out of an ambush or a direct attack after being spotted? And will the same actions work each time?
  • Procedural Arena – Each time you load up the game the ship will have a different layout, putting the player’s navigation skills to the test.
  • Escape Routes – Choose from multiple escape routes, each of which will require a different combination of items and methods to use, changing with the layout of the ship.
  • Dangerous Environment – Even while not being chased you will need to be on your guard, as the ship will be riddled with traps and hazards, ranging from simple alarms that alert the monster to lethal threats.
  • Distractions – Use whatever you can find to try and distract the monster to lure it away from you. Leave the lights on in a room you’ve just left, turn on a radio down the hall, throw items down the stairs to make noise, do what you need to avoid detection. And if that fails…
  • Hiding – Hide in lockers, under furniture, behind boxes, and hope your fellow passenger wanders on by. And if that fails as well…
  • Permadeath – Death is death. Get killed in Monstrum and you’ll be starting again. In a different ship, possibly against a different monster. Good luck. Start running.


Monstrum Early Access Gameplay Trailer