Minecraft Patch Notes 1.93 – Update vom 25. Juni

Minecraft update 1.91

Die 4J Studios haben heute Update 1.93 für Minecraft veröffentlicht. Wir haben die vollständigen Patch Notes 1.93 zu diesem Minecraft Update.

Unter anderem beinhaltet das heutige Update das Toy Story Mash-up pack.


Minecraft Update Version 1.93 Patch Notes

  • Added Toy Story Mash-up pack.
  • Fix for a crash that occurs while near a village.
  • Fix for a crash that occurs when the player goes from the Nether to the Overworld.
  • Fix for Villagers having a chance to change their trade deals after saving/loading.
  • Fix for scaling maps that would give you a map far away from your current position.
  • Fix for Iron Golems not spawning in Loaded Villages.
  • Fix for chests splitting and functioning as separate chests.
  • Fix for Stone Slab recipe being incorrect in Classic Crafting.
  • Fix for villager trading when one player is in The End or The Nether.