Minecraft Dungeons Patch Notes 1.15 – Neues Update vom 5. Mai

Minecraft Dungeons Patch Notes 1.15

Die Mojang Studios haben heute ein neues Update für Minecraft Dungeons veröffentlicht. Was der heutige patch beinhaltet, zeigen wir euch weiter unten.

Das Minecraft Dungeons Update 1.15 kann ab sofort heruntergeladen werden, für alle Plattformen. Auf der PS4 müsst ihr 403MB herunterladen, je nach Plattform kann die Größe des Download unterschiedlich sein.

Eines der Highlights mit Update ist die Speicherfunktion in der Cloud. Ab sofort könnt ihr euren Fortschritt in der Cloud speichern, sodass ihr eure Helden auf Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox One und Xbox Series X | S abholen und spielen könnt.


Minecraft Dungeons Update 1.15 /

Bisher haben wir die Patch Hinweise nur in Englisch, wir Aktualisieren diesen Artikel so schnell wie Möglich!



  • Introducing localization support for Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese text and voice overs for all platforms
  • Improved the font used on platforms that already had Chinese localization


  • Fixed one of the top crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • Fixed a crash that could occur after a second lobby was created during a single session
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when standing in Piglin Fungus Thrower clouds
  • Fixed items permanently falling off edges on certain tiles in Ancient Hunts
  • The Emote Wheel is no longer accessible in local co-op
  • Fixed players not being able to join online sessions after creating a new character
  • Fixed a soft lock that could occur when opening settings after viewing the friend list
  • The main menu can no longer be unintentionally navigated while using the account login prompts
  • Fixed text running off the screen in several languages on various menu screens
  • The prompt displayed upon disconnecting a controller is now fully translated across all supported languages
  • Clarified the descriptions of several enchantment effects (New wording in bold):
    • Critical Hit
      • Gives critical hit chance
    • Freezing
      • mob speed
    • Radiance
      • Has a X chance to spawn a circular area that heals you and all allies within the area
    • Weakening
      • mob damage
    • Radiance Shot
      • Has a X chance to spawn a circular area that heals you and all allies within the area
    • Cooldown Shot
      • artifact cooldown
    • Cool Down
      • artifact cooldown
    • Chilling
      • mob speed
    • Frenzied
      • attack speed
      • While you are at less than X health, your melee and ranged attack speeds are increased
    • Acrobat
      • roll cooldown
    • Beast Boss
      • +X pet damage
    • Beast Surge
      • +X pet speed


Quelle: minecraft.net