Minecraft Dungeons Patch Notes 1.08 – Aktualisierung vom 17. November

Minecraft Dungeons Patch Notes 1.08

Die Mojang Studios haben heute ein neues Update für Minecraft Dungeons veröffentlicht. Wir haben alle Details zu dieser Aktualisierung am 17. November.

Das Minecraft Dungeons Update 1.08 kann ab sofort heruntergeladen werden, für alle Plattformen. Auf der PS4 müsst ihr 336 MB herunterladen, je nach Plattform kann die Größe des Download unterschiedlich sein.


Minecraft Dungeons Update 1.08 /

Cross-Platform Play:

  • Team up with friends across consoles and PC! Create a multiplatform alliance and battle together with the new cross-platform play free game update to Minecraft Dungeons, available now. This update allows for cross-platform multiplayer across Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®, Windows, and Xbox
  • Please make sure that your game is updated to version or later before playing multiplayer.


  • Threat Level can now be adjusted on Daily Trials
  • Removed unintentional extra attack variants in unique variants of pickaxe and cutlass
  • Shockwave now collides with walls, much like a regular arrow
  • Swirling now requires that a mob is hit with the attack for it to trigger
  • Shockwave damage 35 -> 30
  • Swirling Damage 45 -> 40
  • Pickaxe attack delay 0.6 -> 0.7
  • Pickaxe damage 112 -> 130


  • The Chat Wheel prompt now shows the correct input on all platforms
  • The player count of game session on the in-game friend list now updates as soon as a player leaves a session
  • Fixed Prospector and Looting enchantments triggering either once per mission, or not at all
  • Sound of disappearing Soul Wizard is now affected by Master Volume
  • Fixed missing Enchanter death sounds
  • Lowered the volume of Mossy Skeleton shooting sounds
  • Fixed mob respawning playing the same sound effect as player respawning
  • Lowered the volume of sounds when navigating merchant screens


Quelle: minecraft.net