Lost Dimension – Trophäen Trophies Leitfaden für Playstation


In „Lost Dimension“ gibt es 36 Trophäen die ihr freischalten könnt. In unserem Leitfaden findet ihr alle Trophäen und deren Bedingungen. Aktuell haben wir die Trophäen nur in Englischer Fassung vorliegen.


Platin Trophäe

  • All Complete
    Acquire all trophies.

Goldene Trophäen

  • Perfect Commander
    Complete all quests with an S rating.
  • Mission Complete
    Clear all quests.
  • Chosen Possibility
    Witness the true ending.
  • True Victor
    Unmask the full might of The End and defeat him.

Silberne Trophäe

  • An Anomaly between Worlds
    Clear the final stratum.
  • A Bond with Sojiro
    Strengthen your bond with Sojiro.
  • A Bond with Zenji
    Strengthen your bond with Zenji.
  • A Bond with Marco
    Strengthen your bond with Marco.
  • A Bond with Yoko
    Strengthen your bond with Yoko.
  • A Bond with Nagi
    Strengthen your bond with Nagi.
  • A Bond with George
    Strengthen your bond with George.
  • Imperial Mausoleum of Forgotten Ruins
    Clear the fourth stratum.
  • All-Seeing Eye
    Clear the game by erasing only traitors.
  • The SEALED Truth
    Collect all Tips files.
  • True Power Unleashed
    Unlock all Gift abilities for a character.
  • A Bond with Mana
    Strengthen your bond with Mana.
  • A Bond with Toya
    Strengthen your bond with Toya.
  • A Bond with Agito
    Strengthen your bond with Agito.
  • A Bond with Himeno
    Strengthen your bond with Himeno.

Bronze Trophäe

  • Power Unleashed
    Unlock one Gift skill.
  • High Rating
    Score an S rating in a quest.
  • Memories of a Lost Civilization
    Clear the second stratum.
  • Fog of Discord, Never-Ending Lies
    Succeed in a Deep Vision.
  • It’s in Your Hands Now
    Use defer twenty times.
  • With Our Powers Combined
    Defeat twenty enemies together with a comrade.
  • A Forced Vote
    Clear the first stratum.
  • Multi-kill
    Defeat five enemies at once.
  • Sextet Ecstasy
    Perform an attack with five assists.
  • Rushing the Battlefield
    Clear a stage using very few turns.
  • Power Overwhelming
    Defeat an enemy with a berserk character.
  • The Battle Begins
    Clear a quest for the first time.
  • Mass–Energy Equivalence
    Create a weapon from energy with the Generator.
  • Shards of Truth
    Discover a Tips file.
  • Traitor Candidate
    Label someone with a red marker in the Vision screen.
  • The Dim Metal Cavern
    Clear the third stratum.