Kingdoms & Lords: Erfolge Achievements Leitfaden

Hier findet ihr alle Erfolge zum Spiel. Insgesamt könnt ihr 20 Erfolge mit 200 Punkten holen.


  • Barbarian General
    Defeat Barbarian General.
  • One Step, One Footprint
    Raise the population to 150./li>
  • Roast Chicken Hobbyist
    Have 10 campfires on the map.
  • Defense Fortress
    Establish your defensive line.
  • Draw First Blood
    Win the first fight.
  • Be First Blood
    Lose one fight.
  • Advancement
    Complete the tutorial and the mission "The First Visit.
  • Lady of the Coast
    Defeat Lady of the Coast.
  • Duke of Cowerdon
    Defeat Duke of Cowerdon.
  • The Evil Monk
    Defeat The Evil Monk.
  • Lady Bloomdale
    Defeat Lady Bloomdale.
  • General McCallister
    Defeat General McCallister.
  • The Stygian Witches
    Defeat The Stygian Witches.
  • I See You
    Wipe out shadowy areas.
  • World Conqueror
    Defeat all the bosses.
  • Money, Money
    Own all of the Kingdom buildings.
  • Demon
    Successfully invade friends‘ kingdoms 100 times.
  • Demon’s Nightmare
    Successfully resist invasion 100 times (includes helping friends).
  • Friends All Over the World
    Have more than 10 friends.
  • Good Luck Follows You
    Win 50 one-on-one battles.