Kinectimals Unleashed: Erfolge (Achievements) Leitfaden – Xbox 360

Hier findet ihr alle Englischen Erfolge zu dem Spiel.

  • Lots of Pets 20G
    Collected half of the pets
  • Happy Puppy 20G
    Collected half of the toys
  • Going for Gold 20G
    Gold medal in half the Challenges
  • Dog’s Life 20G
    Fully explored Villeria Island
  • Pussyfooting Around 20G
    Fully explored Lemuria Island
  • Bear With Me 20G
    Fully explored Mira Island
  • All Kinds of Fun 20G
    Tried every kind of Free Play session
  • Reigning Cats and Dogs 20G
    Did a Daily Challenge with cats and dogs
  • Hunting Success 20G
    Reached Trainer Level 25
  • Impeccable Pedigree 20G
    Best. Pet. Ever.