Killer Instinct: Kan-Ra Erfolge Achievement Leitfaden

Killer Instinct Kan-Ra Erfolge Guide

Insgesamt könnt ihr 14 Erfolge holen mit 150 Punkten


20 Punkte

  • Kan-Ra Apprentice
    Reach 80 Fight Challenges with Kan-Ra
  • Kan-Ra Novice
    Reach 30 Fight Challenges with Kan-Ra

15 Punkte

  • Kan-Ra’s Matchups
    Defeat 6 different characters in online matches as Kan-Ra

10 Punkte

  • Battle-worn Kan-Ra
    Win 20 ranked matches with Kan-Ra
  • Friendly Kan-Ra
    Win an exhibition match vs a friend as Kan-Ra
  • Kan-Ra Chosen One
    Complete 200 matches as Kan-Ra
  • Kan-Ra Master
    Reach 150 Fight Challenges with Kan-Ra
  • Kan-Ra’s Endurance
    Defeat 10 opponents in one Survival as Kan-Ra
  • Sandstorm
    Perform 5 Super Jumps and Tossed 5 Tornadoes while in Kan-Ra’s Instinct Mode
  • Stylish Kan-Ra
    Unlock a color for Kan-Ra
  • Supreme Kan-Ra
    Earn a supreme Victory in an online match as Kan-Ra

5 Punkte

  • Competitive Kan-Ra
    Win a Ranked Match as Kan-Ra
  • Sparring Kan-Ra
    Win a versus match as Kan-Ra
  • Survival Kan-Ra
    Win a survival match as Kan-Ra