Kalimba – Erfolge Achievements Leitfaden

Alle Xbox Erfolge im Überblick – Kalimba

In diesem spiel könnt ihr 27 Erfolge freispielen und bekommt zusammen 1000 Punkte dafür.


100 Punkte

  • Split Totemality
    Complete all co-op levels in Shorthanded mode
  • That Eighties Feel
    Complete the game with the ol’school mode enabled
  • The Midas Touch
    Get an all golden totem pole
  • True Friends
    Achieve an all golden coop totem pole

76 Punkte

  • Bird Beater
    Save Kalimba by defeating The Bird
  • Kalimba in the sky
    Achieve an all golden Upperworld totem

50 Punkte

  • Bonanza
    Achieve an all golden Middleworld totem
  • Twin Slayer
    Save the Middleworld by defeating The Twins
  • Undying
    Defeat a boss without dying

25 Punkte

  • Gold Digger
    Achieve an all golden Underworld totem
  • Illuminati
    Re-assemble the menu pyramid
  • Snake Charmer
    Save the Underworld by defeating The Snake
  • Supersecret
    The arm that holds the tree can also hold the totem
  • That’s right!
    Complete a level without dying and always pressing right on the joypad
  • The Achieving Achievement
    Complete all the rooms
  • The Friendship test
    Achieve a golden coop totem piece
  • There’s no place like Metaspace
    Get a score higher than 50 in a Metaspace

10 Punkte

  • Bling Bling
    Get a golden totem piece
  • Explorer
    Find all challengerooms
  • I like turtles!
    Complete the Gravity room
  • The Bouncing Achievement
    Complete the Bouncing room
  • The Challenging Achievement
    Complete the Challenging room
  • The Color Achievement
    Complete the Color room
  • The Floating Achievement
    Complete the Floating room
  • The Fragile Achievement
    Complete the Fragile room
  • The Freezing Achievement
    Complete the Freezing room
  • The Precision Achievement
    Complete the Precision room