Hyper Void – Trophäen Trophies Leitfaden

Alle Trophäen zu Hyper Void

Ihr sucht die Trophäen zu Hyper Void auf eurer PS 3 oder PS4? In dem Spiel könnt ihr insgesamt 15 Trophäen freispielen.


Sobald die Trophäen in Deutsch verfügbar sind werden wir diese ergänzen!


Gold Trophäe

  • To The Last Kilo-byte
    Win all 29 levels in Hyper Mode. Be proud, you have seen each and every kilo-byte this game has to offer.

Silber Trophäe

  • #include „*.*“
    Discover and collect all Secret Orbs in Hyper Void… and enjoy the level shortcuts!

Bronze Trophäen

  • Overclocked
    Collect your first power-up. You did? Now go and wipe them all out!
  • Inbox (1)
    Retrieve a dropped message from a fellow ship in the RM fleet. There is one awaiting you just at the end of Level01!
  • Fragmentation
    Crush 10 boulders in Level04. Feels good, doesn’t it… Your lasers are your friend here…
  • Mr. Anderson!
    Get infected by the IPA virus in your first encounter with it in Level05. Oh wait, have you updated your anti-virus database? Good for you.
  • Trip The Light Fantastic
    Sustain 10 seconds unharmed and without shooting against the boss IPA_IRecon in Level09. On the bright side, you get to enjoy all the lightworks!
  • Keep Calm and Don’t Shoot
    Pass through the low-energy galaxy in Level10 without shooting a single bolt. It… is… so… tempting… yet…
  • Double delete
    The boss Shift_2LR in Level11 comes disguised behind two Mutex_3S shells. Popping one shell is easy, but are you fast enough to pop the other one too?
  • Try Catch Finally
    Make it unharmed through all the fleeing enemies in Level19… and prepare for what’s coming next…
  • Red Pill or Blue Pill? Neither
    In Level20, you may go through one of two gates: Red or Blue… Rumors say there exists yet a third green gate… it lies [beyond, beyond, beyond] the two gates. Can you discover the third green gate?
  • Garbage Collector
    The final boss encounter in Level29 is a crowded one. Wipe out 30 of the small bacterial minions puffed out by IPA_DRecurse spores.
  • The Bad…
    Defeat IPA_IRecon: the first incarnation of the virus in Level09. Now you really know the true enemy!
  • The Ugly…
    Defeat IPA_VInterface: the second incarnation of the virus in Level19. It comes back to you for vengeance. This time it will not leave you without paying a price!
  • …And The Worst
    Defeat IPA_DRecurse: the third incarnation of the virus in Level29. This is the final battle. Only one will survive!