Guacamelee! STCE: Erfolge Achievements Leitfaden

Guacamelee! STCE

Guacamelee! STCE Erfolge

Insgesamt könnt ihr 35 Erfolge mit 1200 Punkten freischalten, inklusive aller DLCs.


Diese Erfolge sind in englischer Fassung.


DLC: Frenemies Character Pack

  • The Teacher Remains the Teacher 100
    Defeat Javier Jaguar as Uay Chivo in an un-nerfed one-on-one rematch
  • Greatest Tag-Team in History 30
    Defeat the Great Temple’s two Lightning Skeleton arenas on Hard, in co-op (or as Jaguar)
  • Minuto de Silencio 30
    Mourn the loss of the Alebrije while playing as X’Tabay
  • Money to Burn 30
    Snatch, grab and collect 5,000 pesos as Flame Face
  • Dream Team 10
    Defeat an arena with at least 2 players


Erfolge zum Hauptspiel

  • El Savior 150
    You found all of the Orbs and saved Lupita.
  • Who put these here??? 100
    Achieved 100% completion in all areas.
  • That was Hard Mode? 100
    Defeated the game on Hard Mode and proved yourself a hardcore Luchador.
  • World Champion 50
    Mastered El Diablo’s Domain and earned a Gold Medal in all Infierno challenges.
  • Lore Master 50
    Helped those in need by completing all Side Quests.
  • That was INTENSE 50
    Killed 20 Enemies in a single INTENSO sequence.
  • The Devil wears Revenge! 30
    Defeated Calaca with full health in Diablo’s Suit
  • Snuffed Out30
    Extinguished Flame Face.
  • X’tabay-Bye 30
    Redeemed X’tabay.
  • The Never Ending Combo 30
    Achieved a 200 Hit Combo
  • Got to catch them all 30
    Found an orb.
  • Licking his Wounds 30
    Bested Jaguar Javier in hand-to-paw combat.
  • Last Straw 30
    Destroyed Uay Chivo’s fake statue in the Tule Tree.
  • Boom-Shack-Calaca 25
    Defeated Calaca.
  • Poncho’d Out 25
    Completed the Combo Chicken quest (Defeated Poncho forever).
  • Flawless 20
    Defeated an arena without taking any damage.
  • Nooks and Crannies 20
    Found 100% of the Hidden Items in a single area.
  • Main Event 20
    Defeated a Skeleton-Luchador.
  • Power Within 20
    Completed Uay Chivo’s INTENSO training.
  • Combo Nerd 20
    Achieved a 125 Hit Combo.
  • I Have The Power 20
    Purchased 20 Upgrades from the Shop.
  • Pollo Power20
    Became a Chicken.
  • Heavyweight 20
    Earned a Bronze Medal in all Infierno challenges
  • Do or Do Not 15
    Completed the first Combo Chicken Challenge.
  • No Encore! 15
    Silenced El Trio de la Muerte permanently.
  • „Next-gen!!“ 10
    Started a New Game on Save Slot #2.
  • That’s one big Gato Frito 10
    Dropped the Alebrije into the lava.
  • Viva La Resurrección 10
    Became a Luchador.
  • Cock of the Walk 10
    Defeated an enemy using the Pollo Bomb.
  • I swat you 10
    Defeated a Chupacabra using only Slam.