Grandia II Anniversary Edition – Steam Erfolge Leitfaden


In „Grandia II Anniversary Edition“ gibt es insgesamt 36 Erfolge dir ihr freischalten könnt.

Weitere Guides und Lösungen zum Spiel findet ihr hier.


  • All Cracked Up
    Defeat the Egg Guardian
  • Amateur Lepidopterist
    Defeat Zera Valmar
  • Bad Apple
    Defeat Valmar’s Core
  • Bling
    Find the Coral, Demon, Forbear, Friends, Pretty, and Rune Necklaces
  • Bloodhound
    Add Mareg to the party
  • Brotherly Love
    Defeat Melfice
  • Claw Your Way to the Top
    Defeat Valmar’s Claw
  • Egg Farmer
    Max all abilities in a Mana Egg
  • Encyclopedia
    Max all abilities in a Skill Book
  • Eye See You
    Defeat Valmar’s Eye
  • Fashionista
    Change a character’s outfit during combat (Weapon, Accessory & Mana Egg)
  • Geohounded
    Kill 1000 Monsters across all playthroughs
  • Geohunted
    Kill 2000 Monsters across all playthroughs
  • Growth Spurt
    Level Up
  • Guard for Hire
    Escort Elena to Garmia Tower
  • Gun Show
    Win an arm wrestling bout
  • He Has One?
    Defeat the Heart of Valmar
  • Hot Body
    Defeat the Body of Valmar
  • It’s a Family Thing
    Defeat Melfice with only Ryudo delivering damage
  • More Than He Could Chew
    Add Roan to the party
  • Nut Grabber
    Grab 24 nuts in the Hut of Trials
  • Old Priest, Young Priest
    Find the Exorcism Bow in Demon’s Law
  • On the Podium
    Find Roan’s missing medal
  • Penny Pincher
    Have 250,000 gold at one time
  • Professional Lepidopterist
    Complete Grandia II with difficulty on Hard the whole time
  • Put a Notch in It
    Find the Black, Heracles, Hurricane, and Sonic belts
  • Reprogrammed
    Add Tio to the party
  • Ryudo, Party of 10?
    Have a party made up of Level 10 or greater characters
  • Ryudo, Party of 25?
    Have a party made up of Level 25 or greater characters
  • Ryudo, Party of 50?
    Have a party made up of Level 50 or greater characters
  • Spicy Lady
    Add Millenia to the party
  • Tasty Freeze
    Defeat Valmar’s Tongue
  • The Bodyguard
    Add Elena to the party
  • Visited Elmo’s World
    Find Elmo in the Birthplace of the Gods
  • Weekend Bender
    Drink 100 Potions
  • X Marks the Spot
    Congratulations! You pressed the X button. It doesn’t do anything… or does it? No, it doesn’t.