Gran Turismo 6: Erste Trophäen und Erfolge gefunden

Wir haben eine Liste mit Erfolgen / Trophäen zu Gran Turismo 6 im Internet gefunden welche wir euch nicht vorenthalten möchten. Ob diese Liste wirklich aus dem Spiel kommt können wir im Moment nicht sagen.

  • You againYou played GT5
  • Beleaf it or notYou won a race in a Nissan Leaf
  • Double the ChargeYou bought a second Leaf!  Really?
  • Gold LeafYou painted a Leaf gold.
  • Leafy GreenComplete 5 laps of the Ring without recharging your Leaf or falling asleep at the wheel
  • Watch it mate!You hit a kangaroo on Mt Panorama circuit at dusk.
  • Wind in the WillowsWin a race at Willow Springs without hitting any moles, rats, toads, weasels, rabbits or other cars.
  • Solid FanTake a photo of that race fan in the crowd who never moves an inch no matter how close you get to him.
  • Highway to hellBeat Brian Johnson’s time of 1:45.1 around the Top Gear Test Track in an Astra.
  • Iron StomachDo 100 laps of Kart Space III in one go without using the brown paper bag.
  • AI AI AI OhYou probably would have bought the farm in real life after that collision with the AI.
  • Drive like EinsteinDemonstrate an understanding of the new physics model by completing a clean lap on every track.