Fuse: Trophäen und Erfolge Leitfaden

Alle Erfolge zu Fuse


  • Missing Persons
    Complete Hyperion Base (20G)
  • Cold Turkey
    Defeat Ivan Sovlenko (20G)
  • Damaged Goods
    Defeat Meilin Mao (20G)
  • Extraction Specialist
    Complete Raven Facility (20G)
  • Daddy Issues
    Save Luther from the Order of Grigori (20G)
  • What a Waste of a Space Station
    Complete Grigori Station (20G)
  • Overstrike
    Complete all missions on normal difficulty (50G)
  • Overstrike Elite
    Complete all missions on Lethal (75G)
  • Buddy System
    Complete a single mission in co-op (2, 3 or 4p) (20G)
  • Group Hug
    Complete all missions co-op (2, 3, or 4p) (75G)
  • The Merc
    Get Dalton to max level (25G)
  • The Assassin
    Get Naya to max level (25G)
  • The Detective– Get Jacob to max level (25G)
  • The Hacker
    Get Izzy to max level (25G)
  • Perk-olated
    Purchase a single Team Perk (20G)
  • That’s a Lot of Dead Guys
    Kill 2500 enemies in Campaign and Echelon (10G)
  • Killer Perk
    Fully upgrade 1 perk in the Team Perks menu (10G)
  • Valued Customer
    Fully upgrade 16 perks in the Team Perks menu (50G)
  • All Grown Up
    Unlock 16 perks (25G)
  • Dalton 2.0
    Upgrade Dalton’s entire skill tree (25G)
  • Naya 2.0
    Upgrade Naya’s entire skill tree (25G)
  • Izzy 2.0
    Upgrade Izzy’s entire skill tree (25G)
  • Jacob 2.0
    Upgrade Jacob’s entire skill tree (25G)
  • Unstoppable
    Complete 6 waves on a single map with 2+ players (10G)
  • Ain’t Got Time to Bleed
    Complete 12 waves on a single map with 2+ players (15G)
  • Let’s Go Shopping
    Spend 100,000 Fuse Credits (20G)
  • Echelon Specialist
    Get 5 Stars on a single Echelon Map with 2+ players (20G)
  • Echelon Agent
    Get 5 Stars on all Echelon maps with 2+ players (75G)
  • We’re Gonna Need a Mop
    Eviscerate 3 enemies at once using the MagShield (20G)
  • Chain Gang (of Dead Guys)
    Create a chain reaction that takes out 3 enemies at once (20G)
  • Shots Fired!
    Pin 3 enemies within a 10 second period (20G)
  • The Geologist
    Crystallize and kill 3 enemies at once (20G)
  • Shh… Go to Sleep
    Perform a stealth takedown on 2 enemies at once in a co-op game (20G)
  • Ninja Style
    Stealth takedown 4 enemies at once in a four player co-op game (30G)
  • The Inspector
    Collect every piece of Intel in the game (30G)
  • I’m Your Huckleberry
    Kill 3 Leadfires, Leadfoots, or Leadshots using only your sidearm (20G)
  • You May Want to Stand Back
    Activate Fusion for the first time. (5G)
  • Keep on Truckin
    Destroy all of the trucks at the bunker defense.(5G)
  • Groom Lake
    Retrieve your Xenotech Weapons. (5G)
  • Bro Code Violation
    Perform a stealth takedown on the Raven soldier at the urinal. (10G)