Friday The 13th: Update 1.30.18 veröffentlicht – Patch Notes

Die Verantwortlichen zu „Friday The 13: The Game“ haben einen neuen Patch veröffentlicht. Neben einem neuen Jason Modell gibt es auch eine neue Karte, erfahrt alles in den Patch Notes unten.

jason v modell

IllFonic und Gun Media haben zum Multiplayer Spiel „Friday the 13th: The Game“ ein Inhalts-Update veröffentlicht. Das Update steht ab sofrt für alle Systeme bereit zum Download.

Unter anderem bringt der Patch das neue Charakter-Modell “Jason V” und die neue Karte Pinehurst. Alle Dteails zum Patch nun im Changelog.

Weitere Neuigkeiten, Lösungen und Cheats zu „Friday the 13th“ findet ihr auf unserer Themenseite.


Patch Notes 1.30.18

Jason Part 5 and Pinehurst

Jason Part 5 and the Pinehurst map are both now available for both Multiplayer and Offline Bots!

Part 5 has no level requirement and has access to the following grab kills:

  • Hedge Trimmer

  • Last Breath

  • You’re so Vein

New Unlockable Grab Kill

The grab kill Rugby Player is now available! The requirements to unlock Rugby Player are:

  • Level: 108
  • Cost: 2500 CP

Changes and Bug Fixes


  • Reduced the amount of Pocket Knives and Medical Sprays that can spawn per match

  • Adjusted the amount of available spawns per match for each weapon

  • Addressed several issues that were causing players to become interaction locked

  • Fixed a bug that caused Bear Traps to disappear when disarmed by a counselor

  • Fixed a bug related to the “The Final Chapter” achievement that was causing players to crash


  • Jason will now begin each match equipped with 2 additional throwing knives

  • Jason’s movement speed has been slightly increased

  • Jason’s grab range and cone has been slightly increased

  • Players can once again access the medium bloody skin for Savini Jason

  • Fixed a bug that allowed Jason’s character model to rotate while knocked down

  • The grab kills “Free Kick” and “Disarm” will now properly grant Versatile experience


  • Fixed a bug where – if a player interacted with a window in a certain way, the window would break and incorrectly cause damage to the player

  • Fixed inconsistencies that were appearing in several counselor models


  • The Fuse will no longer be able to spawn in the same building as the Phone Box

  • Addressed several exploit locations on all maps

  • Made adjustments to several locations that were causing the objectives/repair parts spawns to be inaccessible


  • Fixed several bugs related to the boat flipping mechanic

Offline Play

  • Made many improvements and bug fixes to the bot AI in Offline Bots

  • Restart function added to the pause menu in Offline Bots

  • Fixed a bug causing the end score screen to incorrectly show badge progression in Offline Bots

    • Note: Badges can not be obtained through Offline Bots


  • Added servers for South America and Australia [PC]

  • Added region auto-detection [PC]


  • Players should once again be able to hear the sound of weapons and items being dropped
  • The grab kill “Free Kick” will now properly take into account the user’s audio settings