Friday Night Bullet Arena – Erfolge Achievements Leitfaden

friday night bullet arena Achievements

In dem Xbox Spiel „Friday Night Bullet Arena“ gibt es insgesamt 36 Erfolge (Achievements) die Ihr freischalten könnt. Um einen Erfolg zu entsperren müsst ihr die dazugehörige Aufgabe erfüllen. Insgesamt könnt ihr 1.000 Gamer Punkte in dem Spiel freispielen.

Weitere News und Lösungen zum Spiel findet ihr auf unserer Friday Night Bullet Arena Themenseite.


Friday Night Bullet Arena Erfolge Leitfaden

100 GamerScore Punkte

  • Galactic Gladiator
    You’ve obtained a gold medal for every level. Amazing!


75 GamerScore Punkte

  • Solar Samurai
    You’ve played every main arena in the game!


35 GamerScore Punkte

  • Silver Level 1
    You’ve played a match in every arena on the first world.
  • Silver Level 2
    You’ve played a match in every arena on Europa.
  • Silver Level 3
    You’ve played a match in every arena on Io.
  • Silver Level 4
    You’ve played a match in every arena on Colony M76.
  • Silver Level 5
    You’ve played a match in every arena on Amalthea.
  • Silver Level 6
    You’ve played a match in every arena on Space Station Beta.
  • Silver Level 7
    You’ve played a match in every arena on Ganymede.
  • Silver Level 8
    You’ve played a match in every arena on Space Station Alpha.
  • Silver Level 9
    You’ve played a match in every arena on Hegemon.


25 GamerScore Punkte

  • Every Day Bullet Arena!
    You’ve played a game on every day of the week!


20 GamerScore Punkte

  • Time For A Different Game
    You played from Friday to Saturday!
  • Unlock Level 2
    You’ve unlocked Europa, a moon whose entire surface is covered in several kilometers of ice!
  • Unlock Level 3
    You’ve unlocked Io, a moon with over 400 active volcanoes!
  • Unlock Level 4
    You’ve unlocked Colony M76, a pretty homey little spot along Jupiter’s orbit.
  • Unlock Level 5
    You’ve unlocked Amalthea, a potato-shaped moon formed of rubble hobbled together with ice.
  • Unlock Level 6
    You’ve unlocked Space Station Beta. Ready to start doing the science stuff!
  • Unlock Level 7
    You’ve unlocked Ganymede, the largest moon in the entire solar system!
  • Unlock Level 8
    You’ve unlocked Space Station Alpha. The Experiment is fully operational.
  • Unlock Level 9
    You’ve unlocked Hegemon. The end is nigh.


15 GamerScore Punkte

  • Friday Night Bullet Athletics
    Your bullets have travelled a total of 10km!
  • Friday Night Friday Night Bullet Arena
    You’ve played on a Friday Night!
  • sumo achievement get
    You’ve bounced another player off of the stage!
  • They’re All Dead, Jim
    You’ve taken out 500 opponents!


10 GamerScore Punkte

  • Lost Gary
    Where’d he go?


5 GamerScore Punkte

  • Found Gary
    You’ve found Gary! That was pretty easy…
  • The Obligatory Credits Achievement
    Thank you for glancing at our names 🙂


Geheime Erfolge


37 GamerScore Punkte

  • Stranger
    You unlocked Strangeman. Who is this guy?


33 GamerScore Punkte

  • Triple Triple
    You don’t even like coffee, do you? (You’ve taken out 3 other people in one round 3 times!)


30 GamerScore Punkte

  • Historian
    You’ve unlocked R.H.E.A., who is based off of the characters from the very first prototype!
  • Join The Turtle Club
    You’ve unlocked the third character. Cowabunga!
  • Mix and Flamingle
    You’ve unlocked the Flamingler! Seriously, who put all these animals in space?
  • One for All
    You eliminated 3 people with one shot! Ruthless!


20 GamerScore Punkte

  • All For One
    You eliminated 3 people in one round!


5 GamerScore Punkte

  • Insta-gator
    You chose A Alligator right away! It’s okay, we like them too 🙂