Flockers: Erfolge Achievements Leitfaden für Xbox One

Hier findet ihr alle 20 Erfolge, in Englischer Fassung, zu Flockers. Insgesamt gibt es 1.000 Punkte


  • Cream Of The Flock
    Three star everything.
  • Keep A Secret
    Find and unlock all the secret bonus levels.
  • Winner
    Complete every level (including bonus levels).
  • Boss Slayer
    Three star 2 boss levels.
  • Soft Landing
    Save 100 sheep from fall damage by landing on something soft.
  • Get In
    Get 20 sheep into the exit at once within 1 second.
  • Good As Gold
    Collect 20 golden fleeces.
  • Fashion Warrior
    Try out 10 different styles of sheep (blood included).
  • Dead again
    Kill 500 zombie sheep.
  • Ewe go boom
    Blow up 999 sheep.
  • Doing Great
    Three star every level from the first theme.
  • Caught In A Mosh
    Get 20 punk sheep moshing together.
  • Halfway To Perfection
    Collect 30 golden fleeces.
  • Woolly Jumper
    Have 20 sheep jump at the same time.
  • Bleederboards
    Look at what you’ve hurt.
  • Four Friends
    Get 4 sheep into the exit at once within 1 second.
  • Bespoke Winner
    Complete any level with a customised sheep.
  • Air Burst
    Explode 2 sheep while they are in the air at the same time.
  • Found It
    Unlock a secret level.
  • Just The Start
    Complete the first 3 levels.