Final Fantasy XIV Update 8.82 Patch Notes vom 16. Februar

FFXIV Update 8.41

Square Enix und die zuständigen Entwickler haben heute ein neues Update für Final Fantasy XIV veröffentlicht. Unten findet ihr die kompletten Patch Hinweise vom 16. Februar.

Das Finalf Fantasy XIV Update 8.82 kann ab sofort heruntergeladen werden, für alle Plattformen. Der heutige Patch beinhaltet nur Verbesserungen und Fehlerbehebungen.


FFVIX Patch Notes 8.82


The following adjustments have been made to Save the Queen: Blades of Gunnhildr.

  • The drop rate for loathsome memories of the dying has been increased for critical engagements in the Bozjan southern front.
  • The drop rates for haunting memories of the dying and vexatious memories of the dying have been increased for FATEs in applicable areas.
  • The number of loathsome memories of the dying obtained upon completion of the critical engagement “The Battle of Castrum Lacus Litore” in the Bozjan southern front has been increased from 1 to 5.
  • The maximum number of Bozjan coins that can be obtained from personal spoils in the critical engagement “The Battle of Castrum Lacus Litore” in the Bozjan southern front has been increased from 26 to 100.
  • Completion of the critical engagement “The Battle of Castrum Lacus Litore” in the Bozjan southern front will now reward mettle and Allagan tomestones of revelation or experience points.

* Characters whose levels are 80 outside of the instance will receive Allagan tomestones of revelation, while characters below level 80 will receive experience points.


The following issues have been addressed.

  • In the Firmament, upon accepting or completing the quest “Smiles Cross the Sky,” the NPC Mariorie would not appear and the concert could not be performed.
  • Certain graphics did not appear correctly during the cutscene in the quest “The Pinnacle of Possibility.”
  • During the Bozjan Phantom battle in Delubrum Reginae and Delubrum Reginae (Savage), the display of certain mechanics were delayed.
  • During the Dahu battle in Delubrum Reginae and Delubrum Reginae (Savage), action indicators for certain attacks were not displayed.
  • In Delubrum Reginae (Savage), players may be incapacitated upon relogging despite not being in combat.
  • In the Temple of the Fist, the status ailment resistances of certain enemies were incorrect.
  • The additional effect listed for the blue magic spell The Dragon’s Voice was incorrect.
  • Under certain conditions, the blue magic spell Stotram could be used even when it was not set as an active action.
  • Critical hits and direct hits did not occur with damage over time dealt by the following blue magic spells.
    Mustard Bomb / Aetherial Spark / Nightbloom
  • In the Shifting Altars of Uznair, the blue magic spells Triple Trident and Tingle were unable to be learned upon defeating enemies after meeting the required conditions.
  • Upon using the pugilist action Perfect Balance, stacks of Perfect Balance were not consumed even if conditions were met.
  • Master Coeurl and Courser Chocobo encountered in the field yielded an incorrect amount of experience points when defeated.
  • Under certain conditions, opening the Favorites list on the market board would cause the game client to crash.


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