Far Cry 4: Day-One-Patch

Patch soll am Release Tag verbesserungen bringen

Es wird einen Day One Patch geben, teilte Ubisoft mit. Dieser soll die Stabilität und der Performance verbessern.

Hier die Patch Notes:

Stability & performance

  • Fixed some random crashes on all game modes


  • Fixed various edge case animation issues
  • Fixed various edge case detection issues
  • Fixed missing VO for edge case reaction issues

Matchmaking, connectivity & replication

  • Fixed matchmaking edge case issues
  • Fixed host migration random & edge case issues
  • Fixed join-in-progress edge case issues
  • Fixed various replication issues between host and clients
  • Fixed edge case replication issues with systems

Menus and HUD

  • Fixed various edge case menus and pop-up overlap issues
  • Fixed Mission objectives & updates issues
  • Fixed Coop specific pop-up updates issues
  • Fixed few localization issues (cut-off text, subtitles)
  • Fixed progression displaying 100% too early in progress tab
  • Polished tutorial images

Mission tweaks (campaign, coop & side content)

  • Fixed various low repro walkthrough breaks

World & 3D

  • Fixed various texture issues
  • Deleted some rare floating objects

Rendering & Graphics Features (PC Only)

  • Fixed rendering features not available under certain configuration
  • Fixed multi-monitor display issues
  • Fixed multiple visual artifacts; added SLI support

Inputs & Controls (PC Only)

  • Fixed mouse cursor and keyboard functionality

In-Game map editor

  • Fixed some graphical corruptions
  • Fixed some edge case issue with maps upload