Fantasia Music Evolved: Erfolge (Achievements) Leitfaden – Xbox

Fantasis Music Evolved

Liste aller Erfolge zu Music Evolved

Insgesamt könnt ihr 50 Erfolge mit zusammen 1000 Punkten bekommen.


  • Goal Star 100
    Completed every available goal for all on-disc songs.
  • Magic Touch 70
    Discovered all of the Magic Fragments in the realms.
  • Goal Oriented 50
    Completed every available goal for 15 songs.
  • Haberdashing 50
    Earned the right to wear "The Hat."
  • Mix Master 50
    Revealed every available mix for all 33 on-disc songs.
  • Noteworthy 50
    Earned Five Golden Notes on 5 songs in Single Player mode.
  • School Reunion 50
    Reunited the Master Sorcerer with his former apprentice.
  • Chromatic Variations 40
    Discovered all 5 Composition Spells in realms.
  • City Slicker 30
    Used the Composition Spell in the Neighborhood
  • In Too Deep 30
    Used the Composition Spell in the Shadows
  • Musica Universalis 30
    Used the Composition Spell in the Cosmos
  • Record Collector 30
    Created a recording in every Hot Spot in the realms
  • Safe Haven 30
    Used the Composition Spell in the Haven
  • Seed Planted 30
    Used the Composition Spell in the Plant
  • In the Mix 25
    Revealed every available mix for 15 songs
  • Switch Hitter 25
    Switched to a new mix 150 times
  • Journalist 20
    Collected all of the journal pages
  • All Mixed Up 15
    Played an entire song with audio components from all 3 mixes present at all times
  • Multifaceted 15
    Hit every cue on 40 different Composition Spells in songs
  • Broom Mate 10
    Bought the celebrated broom to life in The Workshop
  • Circuit Bender 10
    Kept all 4 rows of The Motherboard lit in The Plant for 10 seconds
  • Creative Spark 10
    Put on an electifying performance with all of the jellyfish in The Shadows
  • Creature Comfort 10
    Showed 7 different movie clips to the lonely astronaut in The Capsule
  • Dark Side of the Moons 10
    Spun all 3 of the moons in The Cosmos
  • Equal Opportunity Employer 10
    Had a workforce that included Fix-Bots of both sizes and all 3 colors in The Press
  • Fairy Weather Friend 10
    Led the fairies to 4 different secret spots in The Hollow
  • Falling Starfish 10
    Juggled starfish for 30 seconds in The Shadows
  • Feeling Crabby 10
    Coaxed a shy performer out of his shell in The Shoal
  • Flame War 10
    Deflected the dragon’s fire 50 times in The Nation
  • Hidden Talent 10
    Found Mischief, the sneaky yeti, in all of his hiding spots in The Haven
  • Locomotion Picture 10
    Stamped graffiti onto the train in The Neighborhood
  • Multi-instrumentalist 10
    Made music with 7 different instruments in a single visit to The Workshop
  • Nine Lives 10
    Played 9 different musical variations with the kittens in The Haven
  • Paper Menagerie 10
    Played a continuous 25-note melody using all 3 types of paper creatures in The Plant
  • Perfect Harmony 10
    Earned Five Golden Notes as a team on a song in Multiplayer Mode
  • Room and Board 10
    Found new homes for the elephant and the fish in The Neighborhood
  • Spelling It Out 10
    Discovered your first Composition Spell in a realm
  • Steaks on a Train 10
    Created a recording with both of the "food groups" in a single visit to The Neighborhood
  • Take Five 10
    Created recordings with all 5 Composition Spells in Multiplayer Mode
  • Virtuoso 10
    Earned Five Golden Notes on a song in Single Player mode
  • Careful Composer 5
    Spent 120 seconds working on a recording in a Composition Spell
  • Dueling Duet 5
    Completed a song in Multiplayer Mode
  • Edged Out 5
    Refrained from opening a Composition Spell by missing a single side
  • Librarian 5
    Played a song in the Song Library
  • Musical Score 5
    Completed a Score Goal and revealed a remix
  • Off the Record 5
    Viewed a recording of a saved performance
  • Page Turner 5
    Viewed a journal page while exploring a realm
  • Purist 5
    Played 3 songs with all mixes available, but only used a single mix
  • Recording Artist 5
    Recorded your own unique music in a Hot Spot for the first time
  • The New Apprentice 5
    Started your apprenticeship with some help from your humble guide, Percy.