Everybody Dance 3: Trophäen (Trophies) Leitfaden für PS3

Alle Englischen Trophäen

Hier findet ihr alle Trophies zu Everybody Dance 3 in Englischer Fassung.

Platin Trophäe

  • Dance Superstar
    Unlock all other trophies

Gold Trophäen

  • Dance Fever
    Play 50 dances
  • Dedicated To Dance
    Dance for 10 hours in total
  • Let It Burn
    Burn a total of 1000 Cals in Dance Workout
  • Perfect Partner
    Get a 5 star rating on 5 dance partners, normal length routines (excludes Creator Routines)
  • You’ve Got The Groove
    Get a 5 star rating on 5 professional, normal length routines

Silber Trophäen

  • Class Act
    5 star 20 sections in dance class
  • Grooving On Up
    Get a 5 star rating on 5 intermediate, normal length routines
  • Hi-Score Hero
    Get 40 hi-scores
  • Millionaire
    Accumulate 1,000,000 points
  • Stay On Target
    Reach the Cal target in every song of a single workout
  • Streaker
    Achieve a 70 move streak in any routine (excludes Creator Routines)
  • Teacher’s Pet
    5 star 50 sections in dance class mode
  • This Is My Song
    Get a 5 star rating on any professional, normal length song
  • We Are Party People
    Play 20 party rounds in total

Bronze Trophäen

  • A Partners Production
    Create a dance partners routine
  • Are You Cupid?
    Heart 20 different videos or snapshots in the community gallery
  • Dance Director
    Create a solo dance routine
  • Dance Of Love
    Perform a dance partners routine on St. Valentine’s Day
  • Dancing The Night Away
    Play a song late at night
  • Don’t Sweat It
    Perform a dance workout
  • It’s Good To Share
    Upload a video or snapshot highlight to the community gallery
  • Just The Two Of Us
    Play your first dance partners routine
  • School’s In Session
    Complete a section of any routine in dance class mode
  • Sing While You Swing
    Get at least a ‚cool singing‘ rating in 5 performances
  • Start Groovin‘
    Get a 5 star rating on 5 beginner, normal length routines
  • Step Up!
    Play your first dance battle
  • Take Your First Steps
    Play your first solo dance
  • The Camera Loves You
    Save 10 video highlights
  • Two Left Feet
    Get a 0 star rating on a beginner, normal length song
  • We Like To Party
    Play a 5 round party