El Chavo Kart – Erfolge (Achievements) Leitfaden für die Xbox

El Chavo Kart – Erfrolge Guide

In diesem Spiel könnt ihr insgesamt 46 Erfolge holen mit 1.000 Punkten.
El Chavo Kart wird im Februar 2014 erscheinen, für Xbox 360, Playstation 3 und PS Vita.

  • My bad! 15
    Defend yourself from an attack using the horn in a challenge.
  • What a nice neighborhood! 80
    Unlock all the unlockable content of El Chavo Kart.
  • I didn’t want it either! 15
    Use the horn to evade item attacks 50 times./li>
  • Don’t get angry! 15
    Jump over another driver to earn some turbo 50 times.
  • Modest Gift. 15
    Hit another driver by leaving a piñata on the track 25 times.
  • Sleep well. 15
    Defend yourself from an attack using the pillow 25 times.
  • Well informed. 15
    Make another driver read the latest news in the newspaper 10 times.
  • Spicy! 15
    Eat 25 red chilis.
  • Zas, zas, zas. 25
    Tap more than 27 times after obtaining a sandwich.
  • Jumping Bean. 25
    Jump over 3 competitors in a row in a 4 player race.
  • Please, after you! 15
    Jump over Professor Girafalde’s kart using Mrs. Worthmore’s kart.
  • Go on, just go on. 15
    Accumulate the 3rd level of turbo by drifting in a challenge.
  • Deal! 50
    Charge up to the 3rd level drifting turbo 500 times.
  • All of it! 25
    Charge up to the maximum drifting turbo and use it without interruptions 25 times.
  • I didn’t do it! 15
    Win a race on Extreme when playing as Gordon without touching the track’s borders.
  • Excuse me, says Raymond! 15
    Overtake another driver using the wind tunnel up until the last moment in a challenge.
  • That’s all I needed! 25
    Use all the items in El Chavo Kart.
  • I’m not giving you another one! 15
    Ram a rival in a challenge.
  • Take it, take it and take it! 25
    Ram other competitors 250 times.
  • Are you earning merits? 15
    Earn a gold badge at the end of a race in a cup.
  • Look at it, look at it! 25
    Earn a gold badge at the end of a multiplayer race.
  • Now you’ve earned all eight! 25
    Earn all the gold badges.
  • Under Construction! 15
    Jump over the bridge under construction in the city in a challenge.
  • Just passing by! 25
    Win a race without driving over the accelerators on the track.
  • Avoiding Fatigue. 15
    Avoid crashing into the cyclists and win in the Tangamandapio track.
  • Tunnel of Love. 25
    Win a race in The FunFair track by always jumping over the geese.
  • Emotional Roller Coaster. 15
    Win in the Funfair without falling off the roller coaster on Extreme difficulty.
  • The Best „Jogador.“ 15
    Win the challenge The Chosen Barrel without touching any explosive barrels.
  • I don’t like you. 15
    Hit the taco man 50 times.
  • He’s gonna get scared! 15
    Make another driver crash into the bats in the Castle track.
  • Going on vacation! 25
    Hit 2 hotel bellboys in Acapulco and win a race on Extreme.
  • Too bad. 25
    Win a race while avoiding obstacles in any track on Extreme.
  • Child’s Play. 15
    Finish a normal race with 3 other human competitors.
  • The Whole Neighborhood. 50
    Unlock all the characters in El Chavo Kart.
  • Wanderer Chavito. 25
    Unlock all the tracks in El Chavo Kart.
  • That’s it! 50
    Complete all the El Chavo Kart´s Challenges.
  • I didn’t wanted to do it! 15
    Win the Platinum Chavo Cup.
  • A Cup of Coffee 15
    Win the Platinum Professor Girafalde Cup.
  • Shoot! 15
    Win the Platinum Mr. Raymond Cup.
  • Witchcraft! 15
    Win the Platinum Miss Pinster Cup.
  • To Serafina. 15
    Win the Platinum Phoebe Cup.

  • Rent Collected. 15

    Win the Platinum Mr. Beliarge Cup.
  • Do you want it? Buy it! 15
    Win the Platinum Quico Cup.
  • Gold Tooth. 25
    Win the Platinum Ruffino Meanface Cup.
  • Retrospective. 15
    Win a race while using the rear view the whole time.
  • Day of the dead. 25
    Hit a Catrina twice in the castle and win a race on Extreme.