Dungeons 2 – Steam Errungenschaften Erfolge


In Dungeons 2 könnt ihr 25 Erfolge freischalten. Wenn ihr weitere Hilge zum Spiel benötigt schaut mal im Archiv nach oder ladet euch einen unserer Trainer zum Spiel, hier findet ihr alle Downloads.


  • A Glorious Dungeon
    One of your dungeons reached the highest possible level at one point in time.
  • The Last Unicorn
    You killed a Unicorn in the campaign.
  • A Wall of Ice
    You found the Wall of Ice in the Plaguelands.
  • The forest is ours!
  • The Power be with you!
    You collected a total of 250,000 mana.
  • Strike-Breaker
    You simply fired a furious monster.
  • Cleaned out the Crystal Chamber
    You collected a total of 2,500 mana.
  • Death to the Alliance!
    You annihilated all of the Alliance’s bases in „Trolls from Hell“.
  • Evil Strikes Back!
    You used the spell „Evil Strikes Back“ once.
  • Four weddings and no funeral
    You allowed all the nobles to arrive on the „A blood-red wedding“ map, and still managed to complete the mission.
  • The Prime Evil!
  • King of the Hill!
    You won a multiplayer round in „King of the Hill“ mode.
  • Thou shalt not pass!
    You managed to hold off all the nobles on the „A blood-red wedding“ map. You rascal, you!
  • Like a Rolling Stone!
    You built a „Rolling Stone“ trap and it was triggered!
  • The Art of Brewing
    You owned 200 barrels of beer at one time in the game.
  • Master of Mana
    You collected a total of 25,000 mana.
  • Mine Superintendent
    You mined a total of 100,000 gold.
  • Dark Gold Rush
    You mined a total of 1,000,000 gold.
  • Stay and fight, you coward!
    You defeated Krowtoes, but he narrowly managed to escape.
  • Uh, where am I?
    Took the wrong turn in the Swamp Lands.
  • Longer than expected
    You have reached a respectable playing time. Glad to hear it!
  • Evil Obliterated
    The Prime Evil has died at least once on the first map.
  • Little Snot
    You mined a total of 10,000 gold.
  • Ugh, Daylight!
    A creature steps into the Overworld for the first time in the campaign.
  • The King is Dead, Long Live the Evil!
    You ensured that King Robert met an untimely demise.