Dungeon Travelers 2 – PS Vita Trophäen Liste

In „Dungeon Travelers 2“ könnt ihr insgesamt 31 Trophäen freischalten. Jede Trophäe hat eine Aufgabe die ihr erfüllen müsst, in unserem Leitfaden findet ihr alle Trophäen und Aufgaben dazu.


Platin Trophäe

  • Master of the Royal Library
    Acquire all trophies.

Goldene Trophäen

  • Legendary Forger
    Enchant a piece of equipment to max rank at the Blacksmith Shop.
  • We Need to Go Deeper!
    Unlock the Royal Library Depths.
  • Where is Your God Now?
    Defeat the Demon God.
  • Monster Obliterator
    Defeat 20,000 monsters.
  • Advanced Class
    Level up to an advanced class.

Silberne Trophäen

  • Tree’s Company!
    Unlock the Giant Tree of Tver.
  • The Good Samara-tan
    Unlock the Samara Passage.
  • Life On Mars-ala?
    Unlock the Marsala Onsen.
  • Sopping Wet
    Unlock the Underground Waterway.
  • Monster Exterminator
    Defeat 5,000 monsters.
  • Intermediate Class
    Level up to an intermediate class.
  • Team Play
    Use a joint skill.
  • Solidarity
    Activate a party skill.
  • Use It or Rousset
    Unlock the Rousset Imperial Villa.
  • We’ve Only Just Begun
    Reach client level 3 at the Quest Desk.

Bronze Trophäen

  • That’s a Wrapp!
    Unlock the Temple of Wrappl.
  • Monster Suppressor
    Defeat 100 monsters.
  • Monster Annihilator
    Defeat 500 monsters.
  • Monster Decimator
    Defeat 1,000 monsters.
  • Shahr-ing is Caring
    Unlock the Khorramshahr Village.
  • Portal to the Ramen Dimension
    Eat at the Ramen Shop.
  • I Scream for Ice Cream
    Eat at the Ice Cream Shop.
  • Begone, Foul One!
    Create a Sealbook.
  • Violent Creature, Return to My Book!
    Create a Grand Sealbook.
  • One Good Deed a Day
    Complete a quest.
  • Mo‘ Catacombs, Mo‘ Problems
    Unlock the Mostar Catacombs.
  • Penny Pincher
    Acquire 10,000 gold.
  • Pie in the Sky
    Unlock the Tower of Piertan.
  • Filthy Rich
    Acquire 100,000 gold.
  • Stop, Hammer Time
    Enchant a piece of equipment at the Blacksmith Shop.