Disney´s Little Mermaid: Alle Erfolge im Überblick

Erfolge Guide zu Disney´s Mermaid


  • Welcome to the Sea! 5
    Repaired the tiara for Ariel’s collection.
  • Puzzle Professional 10
    Completed the first three Unlock Slider puzzles in fewer than 70 moves.
  • Let’s Ask Scuttle! 5
    Discovered a mysterious human item in Ariel’s collection.
  • Conversationalist 5
    Talked to Scuttle 5 times after learning how to use the Tone-Tubeiffer.
  • C’mon, Open Up! 10
    Tapped the closed-up giant clam 10 times.
  • Shark Repellant 15
    Unlocked the Captain’s Cabin scene.
  • Seahorse Sleuth 15
    Found all 12 hidden seahorses.
  • Exterior Decorator 10
    Found all of Sebastian’s rare decorations.
  • Note by Note 5
    Completed the 10th level in the Harp Minigame.
  • Shellfish Samba 10
    Played the Coral Canyon clams‘ song correctly on your first try.
  • Cool! But What Is It? 10
    Found a strange human thing in Coral Canyon.
  • Poppin‘ Pricklyplopper 15
    Popped all the bubbles with your Pricklyplopper in under 5 seconds.
  • We Got the Beat Here! 10
    Completed the Undersea Orchestra minigame.
  • This is Very, Very Unusual! 10
    Discovered a strange human thing in the Captain’s Cabin.
  • Sounds of the Sea 15
    Captured all the unique sounds of the sea for Sebastian’s orchestra.
  • Hot Crustacean Band 15
    Helped Sebastian create the opening ceremony theme.
  • Golden Shell Game 5
    Found all golden shells in Golden Shell Mode.
  • An‘ Oh, That Blowfish Blow! 10
    Tapped the Blowfish 5 times for a hint.
  • Shipwreck Sleuth 10
    Earned 85,000 points in a single scene in Shipwreck Challenge.
  • Hi, Starfish!
    Tapped on all the starfish in the Shipwreck Hidden Object Game.