Destiny 2 Update 2.23 – Patch Hinweise 3.2.1 vom 6. Juli

Destiny 2 Update

Bungie hatte das heutige Update für Destiny 2 bereits vor einigen Tagen Angekündigt. Nun Folgen die Details, die passenden Patch Notes zum Update 3.2.1 wurden veröffentlicht.

Das Destiny 2 Update 2.23 steht jetzt bereit zum Download. Die Dateigröße hängt von der jeweiligen Plattform ab, auf der PS4 sind es rund 740MB.


Destiny 2 Patch Notes 2.23

Die Folgenden Patch Hinweise wurden von Bungie im Vorfeld veröffentlicht. Es kann Durchaus sein das die Live Patch Notes unterschiedlich sind, wir werden die Einzelheiten vergleichen und gegebenenfalls Aktualisieren.


  • Styx
    • Fixed an issue where the Codestrider platform over the boss would fail to have collision in certain circumstances. 
  • Tartarus
    • Fixed an issue where a Codestrider platform would fail to have collision in certain circumstances. 
    • Fixed an issue where defeating the boss before the second immunity phase would block mission completion. 


  • The Inverted Spire 
    • Fixed an issue where players who died in the drill area could have their Ghosts appear far back in the strike. The Ghosts now appear at set safe locations in the drill area. 

Momentum Control 

  • Decreased Trace Rifle damage in Momentum Control 
    • Dev Note: While we know Trace Rifles are too hot, we are also aware that some players are greatly enjoying “laser tag” in Momentum right now. With that in mind, we’re starting out with a small change to see how that feels before taking another pass. 


  • Fixed an issue in which Slow duration from Withering Blade did not increase with Whisper of Durance Fragment equipped. 
  • Fixed an issue in which Stormcaller Warlocks were unable to use Ionic Blink while slowed by Stasis. 
  • Fixed an issue in which Diamond Lance could be generated by throwing a Glacier Grenade into a pile of Telesto projectiles. 
  • Fixed a few bugs in which abilities were not properly costing Sentinel Shield energy when guarding (Celestial Fire, Withering Blade, Shiver Strike, Glacial Quake, Silence & Squall). 


Unsere Informationen stammen von der offiziellen Bungie Webseite.


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