Defense Technica: Erfolge (Achievements) Leitfaden

12 Erfolge mit 400 Punkten.

  • Tower Specialist 10G
    Unlock all towers.
  • Planet Exploration 10G
    Unlock all stages.
  • Spy 10G
    Check information on all enemies.
  • Big Trader 10G
    Sell more than 10 towers in one stage.<br>>

  • Silver Spoon 20G
    Save more than 5000 resources when clearing a stage.
  • Genocide 20G
    Destroy more than 30 enemy units in 5 seconds.
  • Masochist 20G
    Get 5 towers destroyed by enemies in a stage.
  • Die-hard 20G
    Clear a stage with less than 5% Core HP.
  • Renaissance Man 60G
    Clear a stage by building all types and all levels of towers.
  • Maze Master 60G
    Make an enemy’s path longer than 250 meters by blocking with towers.
  • Top Scorer 60G
    Get more than 300,000 points when clearing a stage.
  • Munchkin 100G
    Clear all stages with 100% Core HP. (HARDCORE)