Bus Simulator 16: Steam Errungenschaften Liste

Erfolge Leitfaden PC

Ihr sucht nach allen Errungenschaften zum Spiel „Bus Simulator 16“? Wir haben alle Erfolge (Achievements) für euch bereitgestellt.

In dem Spiel gibt es insgesamt 30 Erfolge die ihr freischalten könnt. In unserem Leitfaden findet ihr alle Erfolge und deren Bedingungen, in Alphabetischer Reihenfolge.

Weitere News, Lösungen und Trainer findet ihr auf unserer Bus Simulator Übersichtsseite.


  • A Busload
    Transport a total number of 1000 passengers personally!
  • A Long Run
    Great! 100 km driven!
  • All Routes Lead to You
    10 different bus routes! Nice work!
  • Almost There!
    Connect 75% of all bus stops to your route network!
  • BUSt ‚em All!
    Find and participate in the bus parcour!
  • BlockBUSter
    Earn a 5 star rating on 10 different routes! You are awesome!
  • Bus Job
    Customize a bus to your wishes!
  • Climbing the Ladder
    Reach reputation level 10
  • Diversifying
    Put ads onto your bus! Earn a little extra!
  • Entirely There!
    All bus stops in the city are part of your route network! Nice!
  • Feel the Love!
    Get a 5 star rating on a drive!
  • Fleet on Wheels
    Own 15 busses!
  • Halfway There!
    Connect 50% of all bus stops to your route network.
  • If You Love it Let it Go
    Sell one of your busses
  • King of the City
    Reach reputation level 20!
  • Making it Rain
    Earn a lot of money in a single drive!
  • Marathon
    What?! 1000 km driven?! Crazy!
  • Popular!
    Earn a 5 star rating on 5 different routes!
  • Public DJ
    Skip a song on the bus radio!
  • Seeing Backwards
    Drive a route in reverse!
  • Small-Medium Enterprise (SME)
    Have at least 20 employees!
  • Spider Web
    Build a route network of over 20 km length!
  • SyllaBUS
    Own a bus of every model!
  • The Best in the BUSiness
    Complete all missions!
  • The Big Five
    Unlock all city districts!
  • The Vast and the Curious
    Find and drive a bus race!
  • Thirst for the Real Thing!
    Complete a playsession without quick-start or quick-end!
  • Training Wheels
    Drive a total of 10 km
  • Trumped!
    Fire one of your employees!
  • We May Bend But We Don’t Break
    Buy your first bendy-bus!