Breach & Clear: Deadline – STEAM Errungenschaften


In „Breach & Clear: Deadline“ gibt es insgesamt 46 Erfolge die ihr freispielen könnt.

Weitere Guides und Trainer zum Spiel findet ihr hier.


  • A Quick Death
    Defeat 100 rushers.
  • AR Master
    Defeat 50 enemies with assault rifles.
  • All That Glitters Is Gold
    Find 50,000 scrap.
  • Archaelogist
    Find 10 unique locations in hubs.
  • Best Buddies
    Complete a quest with another player.
  • Bite The Hand That Feeds
  • Boom Goes The Dynamite
    Use a grenade.
  • Call Me Scoop Life
  • Cannon Fodder
    Defeat 100 roamers.
  • Chester Copperpot
    Explore 50 dungeon floors.
  • Diver
    Get to the final floor of a dungeon.
  • Dock and Cover
  • Dora
    Find 25 unique locations in hubs.
  • Explorer
    Find 5 unique locations in hubs.
  • Faster & Furiouser
    Use fast travel.
  • Fight Together
    Fight through 10 dungeon floors with another player.
  • Grim Reaper
    Defeat 1000 enemies total.
  • Halfway There
    Level a character to 15.
  • Henry Jones Jr.
    Explore 100 dungeon floors.
  • Hunt Or Be Hunted
    Defeat 100 human enemies.
  • I Love It When A Plan Comes Together
    Execute 100 orders in command mode.
  • Kitted Out
    Equip all four squad members with rare primary weapons.
  • LMG Master
    Defeat 50 enemies with light machine guns.
  • Looter
    Open 50 loot crates.
  • Master Of Upgrading
    Fully upgrade a rare weapon.
  • Max Power
    Level a character to 30.
  • Now It’s Better
    Equip an attachment.
  • Parks & Desecration
    Fight your way through Harbor City park.
  • Projectile Vomit
    Defeat 100 spitters.
  • Quartermaster
    Fully upgrade a weapon.
  • Quest Love
    Complete 20 quests.
  • Rare Loot
    Equip a rare uniform, vest, and headgear piece.
  • Residential Evil
  • Restraining Order
    Defeat 100 stalkers.
  • Rifle Master
    Defeat 50 enemies with rifles.
  • SMG Master
    Defeat 50 enemies with submachine guns.
  • Scrapper
    Scrap 50 weapons.
  • Shoot The Medic
    Defeat 100 breeders.
  • Shotgun Master
    Defeat 50 enemies with shotguns.
  • Sidearm Master
    Defeat 50 enemies with sidearms.
  • Tailor
    Fully upgrade a headgear piece or a vest.
  • This Is My Gun
    Name a gun.
  • Two Heads
    Create a plan with another player.
  • Urban Decay
    Fight your way through downtown Harbor City.
  • Welcome To Dead World
    Regroup with the survivors at the Harbor City Stadium.
  • What Are The Odds
    Find a rare item in a loot chest.