Bound by Flame: Erfolge (Achievements) Leitfaden Xbox

Hier findet ihr alle Erfolge zu diesem Spiel – Englische Version.

  • Beasted
    You have bested a Juggernaut… and that’s just the beginning!
  • General demoted
    You have slain a Deadwalker General and saved the village of Valvenor from a massacre.
  • Farewell my Concubine
    Your aggressive stance on polygamy has taken its first victim in Blackfrost’s entourage.
  • …the harder they fall
    You have bested Lord Blackfrost himself!
  • The one and only Lord
    You have stripped the Ice Lords of their power and taken control of Vertiel.
  • Purifying fire
    You decided that there was nothing left of Vertiel to save, and taken extreme measures.
  • Sacrifice
    Your heroic actions have saved Vertiel…and you have paid with your own life.
  • Unleash the Beast
    To hell with humanity, even your own: you have decided that the power is worth the sacrifice.
  • Humanist
    You have controlled the inner voice and taken care to preserve your humanity until the end.
  • Mercenary
    Either for love of your fellow human or simple greed, you have accomplished your 20th side quest.
  • Ice breaker
    You have melted Edwen’s frosty facade. Or at least, she checks you out when you’re not looking.
  • Romance with pointy ears
    You have bested Rhelmar at his own game: The ladykiller Elf has a crush on you.
  • Erudite love
    Responding both to your kindness, and your advances, the ravishing Sybil has the hots for you.
  • Chivalrandy
    Randval has abandoned his deathwish while succumbing to your charms. Double whammy!
  • Patron
    You proved yourself a guardian of the seekers of knowledge by fulfilling all of Sybil’s missions.
  • A fulfilled elf
    You have shown Rhelmar he can count on you.
  • Without fear, without reproach
    You have helped Randval resolve all of his personal problems…well, most of them anyway.
  • At the lady’s service
    You have made the effort to respond to all of Edwen’s demands. She even thanked you….once.
  • Hawk
    You have reached the end of Bound by Flame. Not bad, for a scout.
  • Buffalo
    As a good veteran, you have managed to complete Bound by Flame under difficult conditions.
  • Captain
    As a worthy Captain, you have completed Bound by Flame under the most extreme conditions.
  • Just a warm-up
    You learn to use your weapons. 25 people have already done so before you.
  • Just a warning
    You had earned the curiosity of the Ice Lords. 75 kills later, you have their attention.
  • Just a slaughter
    With 150 victims, you are officially the bane of the Deadwalkers.
  • Shot your bolt
    Thanks to you, 50 crossbow bolts have found a new home in your enemies‘ flesh.
  • Bloody hell
    You have killed 50 enemies with a dagger. People often talk about you to frighten small children.
  • Quite a hammering
    You have slain or re-slain more than 50 enemies with a warhammer. That is rather violent.
  • Sword it out
    49 enemies killed with a sword. You crossed the line…and then some.
  • Psycho killer
    You have slain enough victims with an axe to fuel urban legends for centuries to come.
  • It’s a trap!
    You like setting booby-traps and they work. More than twenty have already fallen to them.
  • I’m on fire
    You have transformed your enemies into flaming torches 50 times. They have probably got the message.
  • First come, first served
    Knowing that no one would argue with you, you have looted 20 chests.
  • And I don’t throw things away
    You’ve learned to recycle objects that you no longer need, instead of throwing them away.
  • Craftsmanship
    Congratulations! With all the objects you have made, you could open up a store.
  • Blacksmith
    You have learned the secrets of improving weapons and armour.
  • Vulture
    You have learned the habit of looting the bodies of fallen enemies. That’s war for you…
  • Chrysalid
    You have played the poison card more than 50 times. It works every time.
  • First steps
    You have upgraded your first skill, and improved your chances of survival at the same time.
  • Master at arms
    There is no better warrior than you in all of Vertiel. Even among the Freeborn Blades.
  • Master Ranger
    The Ranger skills hold no more secrets for you.
  • Firestarter
    Skill after skill, you have truly mastered the art of playing with fire.