Battle Princess of Arcadias: Trophäen (Trophies) Leitfaden – PS3

Alle Trophäen zu Battle Princess of Arcadias

Insgesamt könnt ihr 30 Bronze | 8 Silberne | 4 Goldene | 1 Platin Trophäen bekommen

Platin Trophäe

  • Trophy Champion!
    Earned all other trophies.

Gold Trophäen

  • Ubermenscheses, Unite!
    Reached Level 99 with all characters.
  • War Addict
    Won 100 skirmishes in total.

Silber Trophäen

  • The Strongest Ties
    Achieved max Honor for all characters with all other characters.
  • Elite Legion
    Achieved S-Rank in every possible battle.
  • 3,000 Down!
    Defeated 3,000 enemy units.
  • A Thousand Knights
    Defeated 1,000 enemy units with the main character.
  • Ubermensch
    Reached Level 99 with one character.
  • Enhance Master
    Performed 100 weapon enhancements.
  • Weapon Fanatic
    Obtained 500 weapons.
  • Champion Brigade
    Won every unique skirmish.
  • Arcadias Idol
    Achieved max Honor for one character with all other characters.
  • Reign Supreme!
    Won every possible battle.

Bronze Trophäen

  • I Am the Battle Princess!
    Won the first boss battle.
  • Drake Slayer
    Defeated a Dragon.
  • Giant Smasher
    Defeated a Golem.
  • Mummy Flayer
    Defeated a Pharaoh.
  • Snake Twister
    Defeated a Lamia.
  • Spider Exterminator
    Defeated a Giant Spider.
  • Crab Stomper
    Defeated a Giant Crab.
  • Onward, to Hope!
    Stood victorious at the final battle.
  • 100 Down!
    Defeated 100 enemy units.
  • 500 Down!
    Defeated 500 enemy units.
  • 1,000 Down!
    Defeated 1,000 enemy units.
  • Feelin‘ Pretty Good
    Achieved a 100 combo.
  • It’s Okay To Brag, Right?
    Achieved a 300 combo.
  • Time For a Vacation!
    Achieved a 500 combo.
  • Bitter Medicine
    Won a battle without using a single item.
  • Antisocial Behavior
    Cleared a combat session without swapping.
  • Nifty Thrifty
    Sold items on 100 separate occasions.
  • Shop-a-holic
    Bought items on 100 separate occasions.
  • Sunday Saver
    Had over 500,000 G.
  • My First Enhance
    Enhanced a weapon for the first time.
  • My First Upgrade
    Upgraded a weapon into a new weapon.
  • Upgrade Master
    Upgraded 10 weapons.
  • Upgrade Guru
    Upgraded 30 weapons.
  • Weapon Collector
    Obtained 100 weapons.
  • Fashion Baron
    Obtained 50 accessories.
  • Train to Train
    Trained a brigade for the first time.
  • Beginner’s Luck
    Won your first skirmish.
  • All Together Now!
    Recruited every character to your cause.
  • It Would Be My Honor
    Achieved max Honor for one character with one other character.
  • Intelligent Design
    Achieved S-Rank in a battle for the first time.