Angry Birds Epic: Erfolge (Achievements) Liste

Alle Erfolge für Angy Birds Epic!

Angry Birds Epic ist für iOS, Android und Windows Phone erhältlich. Wir zeigen euch welche Erfolge ihr in dem neuen Teil der Angy Birds reihe holen könnt.

  • Meet Chuck 10
    Freed Yellow Bird from imprisonment
  • Meet Matilda 10
    Saved White Bird, a damsel in distress
  • Meet Bomb 10
    Helped Black Bird repair his ship
  • Meet Jay, Jake and Jim 10
    Rescued the Blue Birds from Porky’s armada
  • Royal Keys 10
    Obtained the Yellow Pig Key
  • Magic Keys 10
    Obtain the Blue Pig Key
  • One Key to Rule them All 10
    Obtain the legendary Red Pig Key
  • First Steps 15
    Completed the Cobalt Plateau Castle and retrieved the 1st egg
  • Desert Raider 15
    Completed the Desert Castle and retrieved the 2nd egg
  • Creepy Castle 15
    Completed the Star Reef Castle and retrieved the 3rd egg
  • Summiteer 15
    Complete the Snowy Peak Castle and retrieve the 4th egg
  • Final Fortress
    Complete the Pig City Castle and retrieve the 5th egg
  • Elite Class 20
    Upgrade your first hero class to ELITE status at Mighty Eagle’s Training Dojo
  • Master Class 25
    Upgrade your first hero class to MASTER status at Mighty Eagle’s Training Dojo
  • The Deepest Dungeon 25
    Find and enter the super secret, the legendary, the elusive… CHRONICLE CAVE!
  • Fly like a Bird 15
    Obtain the air ship and take to the skies
  • Dive like a Fish 15
    Obtained the submarine and explored the deep seas