Adventures of Pip – Trophäen Trophies Liste

PS4 Trophäen

In „Adventures of Pip“ gibt es insgesamt 20 Trophäen die ihr freischalten könnt.


Silberne Trophäe

  • All Pixels Have Been Restored
    Completed the game.

Bronze Trophäen

  • Temple Heart Broken
    Defeated the Temple Heart in the Maddening Marsh.
  • Cragken Cracked
    Defeated Cragken in the Galena Caverns.
  • Lord Magmalith Mastered
    Defeated Lord Magmalith in Lava Labyrinth.
  • Queen DeRezzed
    Defeated Queen DeRezzia in her Castle.
  • Queen Grub Squashed
    Defeated the Queen Grub in the Scarab Forest.
  • Thank You! Come Again!
    Purchased an Item in the Item Shop.
  • Power Up
    Purchased an Upgrade in the Weapon Shop.
  • Get A Life
    Purchased a Heart Container in the Item Shop.
  • The More, The Better
    Purchased all available Upgrades in the Weapon Shop.
  • Pip, the Heartthrob
    Purchased all Heart Containers in the Item Shop.
  • DeRezzia’s Prisoners Released
    Rescued all the villagers in Queen DeRezzia’s Castle.
  • Hide-N-Seek
    Rescued all villagers in a single level and received a PERFECT rating.
  • Lava Lodgers Located
    Rescued all the villagers in the Lava Labyrinth.
  • Lost & Found
    Completed 50% of levels with a PERFECT rating.
  • Caves Captives Captured
    Rescued all the villagers in the Galena Caverns.
  • Found ‚em All
    Completed all levels with a PERFECT rating.
  • Swamp Squatters Saved
    Rescued all the villagers in the Maddening Marsh.
  • Forest Folk Found
    Rescued all the villagers in the Scarab Forest.
  • Pip, the Pixel Picker Upper
    Collected 11,240 pixels in total.