AdVenture Capitalist – Steam Errungenschaften Erfolge


In AdVenture Capitalist könnt ihr 10 Erfolge freischalten.

Weitere Lösungen, Tipps und Trainer Downloads findet ihr hier.


  • The Great AdVenture!
    Unlock Everything
  • Frankly Ridiculous!
    Buy 3000 of Everything
  • Googolaire!
    Become a Googolaire
  • Earth Overlord!
    Purchase the „Buy Earth“ Upgrade
  • Grand Standing!
    Buy 1000 of Everything
  • Let’s Learn Big Numbers!
    Become a Decillionaire
  • Wholy Holy!
    Reach 100,000 Total Angels
  • The Big Hundsky!
    Buy 100 of Everything
  • You’ve Struck Oil!
    Purchase Your First Oil Rig
  • Serious Citrus!
    Purchase 100 Lemonade Stands